Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, HBO and more: what streaming platforms offer and which is the cheapest

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The offer of platforms of series and movies via streaming adds more and more options for the millions of Argentinian users. Each of these services is characterized by the offer original contentincluding several local productions, and with prices for all audiences.

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The already known Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Cablevisión Flow and Disney+ have recently been joined by HBO Max, Star+, Paramount+, Apple TV+ and Lionsgate+.

In parallel, various cable television providers –Stream, DirecTV and Telecentro– They have decided to include in their basic services options starring not only Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but also Paramount+ or Universal+ such as additional services, free of charge.

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The proposal has also been extended to other platforms, such as Mercado Libre, which by the mere fact of subscribing to user level 6 has incorporated digital content from Disney+ and Star+. On the other hand, the Mickey Mouse company has recently added the Lionsgate+ signal to its traditional package.

So what do they offer? major streaming platforms in Argentina and his price.


Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

The service that replaces the known HBO Max will combine the current programming of HBO extension and the content of Discovery+ to create a viewing experience that aims to please all audiences.

The service will offer regularly updated content with an average of over 40 new titles and seasons each month. With a library that includes the DC Universe and Harry Potterplus blockbuster movies, original series, and fan-favorite genres like true crime, reality, food, and comedy, all in one place.

The new titles that will soon arrive on the platform will be led by harry potter series, which features a faithful adaptation of JK Rowling’s original books; a spin-off comedy series The Big Bang Theory; the prequel to “Game of Thrones”HBO Original, called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight and many others.

Although the official presentation of this service will take place on May 23 in the United States, It is expected that in the coming months it will already be available in Argentina. Meanwhile, Max will feature three plans: Max Ad-Lite, Max Ad Free, and Max Ultimate Ad Free. Each differs in the number of screenshots, image resolution and online downloads. Prices (in the US) range from From 9.99 to $20 per month.

gate of lions+

Available in more than 63 countries since its launch (formerly known as STARZPLAY), the platform gate of lions+ It premiered in May 2018.

The service is characterized by the offer of exclusive content of the prestigious film studio, without commercials, based on original series of Starzthe American cable signal.

The subscription to the Disney+, Star+ and LIONSGATE+ packages costs ARS 1,729/month (final).


The streaming platform of the American entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company arrived in Argentina at the end of 2020 with a proposal that brings together all the exclusive and original contents of Disney+, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographicas well as local productions depending on the country.

With an interface similar to those of Netflix or Amazon, Disney+ allows you to create up to 7 different profiles per subscriptionand that each family member can save their preferences to see what they want and even include a PIN code. Added to this is the Parental control and the possibility of being able to classify content by age.

The Mandalorianwhich debuted its third season on Disney+, leads the social media engagement ranking of the month of March. According to data from Kantar IBOPE Media, the spinoff series that belongs to the Star Wars universe has achieved the highest number of interactions and mentions on social networks.

The monthly pass that includes Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic costs $599/month (final); while the annual amounts to 5,999/year (end).


The streaming service general entertainment and sports arrived on August 31, 2021 in Latin America. Star+ It emerged as a complement to the Disney + service, but can be purchased independently for countries like Argentina.

From dramas to comedies (including all seasons of The Simpsons) and adult thrillers, Star+ also features exclusive original programming from the general entertainment brand. As well as The Walt Disney Company, including Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, Star Original Productions, National Geographic Original Productions, among others.

However, Star+’s differentials are i live sports. Having ESPN, a recognized brand for sports fans, broadcasts of the world’s major soccer leagues, tennis tournaments, NBA season and playoffs, and UEFA Champions League are part of regular programming.

The price to subscribe to Star+ is 1,319 (final) per month, while the value for hiring combo with Disney Plus+ is 1,499.


The streaming service from the company that created the iPhone offers award-winning series, dramas, comedies, groundbreaking documentaries, children’s entertainment and more in Argentina.

New productions are added every month on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac or AirPlay devices. They can also be viewed on Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Google Chromecast, Android TV and Smart TVs.

As for previews, the manzanita platform incorporated the film in April Ghost, a romantic action story starring Chris Evans and Ana de Armas; and the second season of the acclaimed series The Afterparty and Schmigadoon!.

As for the tariff, Apple TV + delivers three months free when you buy a branded device (iPhone, iPad, Macbook or Apple Watch).

You can also access a 7-day free trial. Then, the monthly subscription is $6.99. The platform’s content is viewable on up to five screens and with the ability to download it for viewing without a Wi-Fi connection.

Amazon Prime videos

The e-commerce giant has been providing its Prime Video service since 2006. Like Disney Plus, HBO Max and Paramount+, the e-commerce giant’s platform for movies and series has a trial period to take advantage of it on up to three devices simultaneously.

One of the latest developments in terms of service is the incorporation of the option of “group video” which allows you to watch content virtually and simultaneously with friends or family.

All the contents of the platform are compatible with displays with 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

Amazon Prime Video price is $430 per month, plus 21% VAT tax, 8% COUNTRY tax, 45% Foreign Service Tax, and 2% gross receipts. Therefore, the final price is approximately $756.80 with the possibility of having a free trial time.


The streaming service operated by Viacom CBS Streaming offers its users the possibility of accessing a varied and complete catalog without the interruption of advertising. Its content includes the most iconic content from Paramount Television Studios, Showtime, CBS Studios and a large collection of movies, series and reality shows.

Users who want to register for the first time will have a free 7-day trial period. It is also part of the Flow content proposition priced at 571 final pesos per month for 1 year.


Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

He world’s leading streaming entertainment service. With a presence exceeding 190 countries, 222 million people with paid subscriptions watch series, documentaries, movies and mobile games.

Netflix subscribers can view all content from computers, mobile phones and tablets, consoles and Smart TVs. They can even download content to mobile devices for offline playback, pause and resume a title, ad-free.

Netflix offers a variety of plans to meet your entertainment needs in exchange for a monthly subscription in pesos.

Unlike the rest of the services, accounts created within the big “N” platform are for people living together in the same householdso sharing it will generate additional costs.

Current plans are Basic (1758 final pesos per month), Standard (2990, 24 pesos), Premium (4222.24 pesos). Each offers variations in the number of simultaneous screens, video resolution, and number of downloads for offline viewing.

Source: Clarin

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