Apple Watch: Five tricks to get the gist

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Since its launch in 2015, the apple watch managed to become one of the most popular smart watches on the market compared to Android models with Xiaomi or Samsung in the lead. The same as those made exclusively for sports, such as Garmin or Fitbit.

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With its wide range of features and functions, this device not only excels at your physical routines, but also acts as an extension of the iPhone wrist. That’s why the manzanita company has provided him with various options to respect the same experience.

cover in silence

Apple watch.

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Apple watch.

Apple Watch can play or vibrate for incoming text messages, notifications, phone calls, and more. But even in quieter environments, this can become a nuisance.

That’s why you should open the app My watch going Sounds and haptics and activate the Cover to Silence or Cover to Silence ability. Then, when your Apple Watch starts working, cover it with your palm for a few seconds and it will turn off.

Change text size

Change the battery performance of the Apple Watch.

Change the battery performance of the Apple Watch.

The dimensions of the Apple Watch whose models measure 44 or 40 millimeters make the the texts seem very small for many users, but this can be easily fixed.

To change the size of the text on the screen, you must enter “Settings” and press “Brightness and text size”. This will allow precisely switch to larger textmake it bold and make the watch instantly brighter to rule out all kinds of vision problems.

monitor rest

Sleep tracking on an Apple Watch.

Sleep tracking on an Apple Watch.

He sleep monitoring and its complementary data is available from the Health application. That includes set a goal for the number of free hoursyou want and an approximate time to go to bed and wake up, as is the case with the iPhone.

The latest versions of Apple Watch can track restlessness, heart rate and sleep cycles such as REM, when the brain and body are energized. Also, it can act as a silent alarm.

Get longer battery life

THE battery life This can be a problem for a small device like the Apple Watch, especially one that pairs it with its AirPods (headphones) or has the always-on display option enabled.

If your battery is running low, there are some tricks that can be used to improve it and give you more hours of battery life than the 18 promised by Apple.

For example, when you swipe up on the screen and open the file control Panel, useful for quickly managing the device, are the battery settings. From here you can access the option for activate the low power mode It can stay on for a certain amount of time, like a day or two.

On the other hand, Apple Watch limits the actions you take and how you use apps to help you save as much energy as possible.

Use a photo as a background

While there are pre-designed faces, Apple Watch brings an extra degree of customization to the smartwatch screen. Basically, users can configure Your Photos as background.

In principle you have to access the Watch application on the ‌iPhone‌. Then hit on “Face Gallery or Face Gallery” and scroll down to the “Photos” option. From this section each user can select a photo album, as Favorites, or choose to select up to 24 individual photos.

There’s also a “Dynamic” option, which uses photos from your Memories. You need to enter “Album”, select “Choose ‌Photo‌…” or tap “Dynamic” to extract it from Memories.

Scrolling down to the “Time Position” category you can choose whether the time will be “Up” or “Down”. If the changes are correct, you just have to press “Add”.

There is also a “Portraits” cover to accompany the ‌Photos‌ cover. This lets you choose a photo taken using Portrait mode and set it as your watch face to give the background a sense of depth.

Source: Clarin

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