Apple earned almost 10% less: 54,158 million dollars

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The tech giant Manzana announced this Thursday net benefits between October and March of $54,158 million, 9.19% less than the same period a year earlier.

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In its first half of 2023 (Apple’s fiscal year begins in October), the Cupertino (California, USA) company entered $211,990 million, below $221,223 in revenues in the same six months of the previous year.

For their part, the investors of the bitten apple company pocketed during this period $3.42 per title, compared to $3.65 from a year ago.

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By business segment, the iPhone phone represents, with $117,109 million in revenue, more than half of the company’s total revenue.

Behind the iPhone, albeit far behind, are services, one of the company’s biggest bets in recent years, in which it has launched a multitude of subscription platforms in sectors as diverse as TV entertainment, video games, the press, exercise and music.

Between October and March, Apple earned $41,673 million from these subscription services, followed by apparel and home technology with $22.239 million.

For their part, Mac computers (the original Apple product) raised $14.903 million, below the 21,287 million in the same period of 2022.

The positive note, however, was given by iPad tablets, whose sales grew year on year and went from contributing 14,894 million to the accounts of the company to 16,066 million.

The results presented by Apple convinced Wall Street investors, and the company’s shares rose 1.31% to $167.96 per share in electronic operations. after the closure of the New York Stock Exchange.

Wall Street, negative

Traders on the New York Stock Exchange.  AP Photo

Traders on the New York Stock Exchange. AP Photo

Wall Street opened lower a day after the Federal Reserve announced its decision to raise interest rates.

The Dow Jones lost 0.20% to 33,348.99 points, the Nasdaq fell 0.34% to 11,983.85 points, while the S&P 500 fell 0.24% to 4,080.92 points.

“Volatility as measured by the VIX index rose by 15.10% in a context of uncertainty due to the new rate hike by the Federal Reserve, reaching 5.25% without the certainty that it could be the last fixNino Di Russo, director of, told ANSA.

“On the other hand, regional banks continue to struggle, KRE, which follows the sector, fell 8.39% to 34.96,” he added. “Apple results expected today among the major companies communicating in view of the publication of tomorrow’s unemployment rate”.

Source: Clarin

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