Smart TV with Android: the 5 best models in value for money

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With full dominance across all escalators, Android has also become the operating system (OS) with the most diversity in the mobile device segment. Smart TVs.

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In this note, what are the 5 televisions of medium range with Google stamp available in the country.

After a somewhat turbulent start, the OS managed to establish itself on the screens of all sizes and brought out its potential. And little by little he widened the margin that separated him from Tizen and WebOshis pursuers.

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Its territorial expansion is supported by the low requirements imposed by Google license the software. It often appears on the display of watches, cars, household appliances, tablets and televisions.

For years, Android TV has been the umbrella under which many brands have taken refuge. But in 2020 it announced that the Chromecast was launching Google TV, a more customized operating system fitted to a few specific models.

similar but different

The best options with built-in Google TV, Android and Chromecast.

The best options with built-in Google TV, Android and Chromecast.

put in front, Google TV is like the alter ego Android TV, albeit with extra makeup coverage. This plurality is similar to what happens with mobile phone manufacturers, which add layers to the original Android, to give it a unique touch.

The main difference between Google TV and Android TV is in its capabilities. While the background features are virtually identical, the home screen and menu settings look fresh.

Also, this new interface is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence powered by Google Assistant, the virtual assistant.

And while it looks a lot better, it’s not considered a replacement nor is it an update of Android TVs.

The premise of Google TV is to help viewers discover new content from Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. For these recommendations, it reserves its machine learning algorithms, based on the viewing history.

And although both are integrated into Google services and you have to sign in to install applications from the catalog, on Google TV they try to offer a more integrated experience than Android TVs.

As a favorite, it allows you to distribute the selected content into tabs and save what you think is relevant or useful to always have it at hand. Both the operating system and the firmware are upgradable.

In turn, the catalog of devices compatible with Google TV is more limited, as, in order to use this OS, more requirements must be met and the product is subject to greater supervision.

THE 5 TVs over 50 inches Lined up that come with the Google seal are: Philips 50PUD7406, Noblex 55 DK55X7500, TCL P7355, BGH Android 50 B5022US6A and Sony BRAVIA KD-65X80J.

Philips 50PUD7406

Philips 50PUD7406.  Android TV and 20W speakers. $194,449.

Philips 50PUD7406. Android TV and 20W speakers. $194,449.

The biggest benefit of a smart TV with Google is unlimited access to the Play Store. This means you can download any app you can imagine. Even the embryonic streaming services – both music and video – and in other OSes are never developed.

Another plus is that the TV has support for the Google Assistant, so you can use the voice commands to search channels and pages faster.

In addition, it has extensive peripheral support, so it will be possible to associate keyboards, mice, game controllers, memory cards and other external accessories, not welcome in other OSes.

Another compelling reason is that Google-powered TVs offer dynamic syncing with Android devices, which allows everything on your phone to be mirrored on the TV screen, without the need for cables.

Your Philips TV, with Android TV, allows you to organize your home screen with the apps or content you’re watching at the moment. Pressing a button on the remote activates the voice system to request specific searches.

With Dolby Atmos audio and a power output of 20W. The 50-inch panel is a 4K Ultra HD LED clocked at 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. This 194,449 pesos.


Noblex55DK55X7500.  GoogleTV.  $190,000.

Noblex55DK55X7500. GoogleTV. $190,000.

One of the novelties that Google TV incorporates is to approve multiple accounts, so that each member of the family, as is the case with streaming services, can receive their own recommendations and adjust the start to their liking.

For the little ones, reserve a child account, linked to Google’s Family Link parental control application, so that the older ones can block certain unsuitable applications or movies.

The only requirement for any member to have their own profile is to use their Gmail account, as they do not accept reps. The other alternative is to enter anonymously, but your main resource is wasted. If the option does not appear, the software will need to be updated, as it was released a few months ago.

The 55-inch Noblex comes with Google TV. It includes an option to share your screen with Windows 10. It’s 4K and its resolution is 3,840 by 2,160 pixels. It is reached by 190,000 pesos.


TCL P7355.  Google TV, with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.  $157,409.

TCL P7355. Google TV, with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. $157,409.

Complementing it, Google Play Movies is an app that lets you buy or download titles to watch on any platform in the Google ecosystem. Although it also serves as a guide.

The concept is simple: investigate the different streaming services you’ve signed up for, find out what’s new, see recommendations, and finally put together a playlist to watch in the future.

TCL supports Wide Color Gamut technology, which increases the depth and saturation of the screen, to achieve 97-99% color capacity, without image degradation.

The 55-inch 4K panel integrates Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) to make clips and games smoother by matching the frame rate of the content to the screen refresh.

In turn, it is certified by Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, which offer a multidimensional audio and video experience.

It comes with the latest operating system, Google TV and thanks to the connection via Bluetooth 5.0, it allows you to connect speakers, headphones, joysticks, keyboards and other wireless devices without the need for cables. This 157,409 pesos.

BGH Android 50 B5022US6A

BGH Android 50 B5022US6A.  With built-in Chromecast and Android TV.  $145,199.

BGH Android 50 B5022US6A. With built-in Chromecast and Android TV. $145,199.

There are some models that come with built-in Chromecast. That is, you won’t need any external hardware because the TV already carries it from the factory. In this case it will say Built-in, a function that will allow you to send music, movies or photos from your mobile to your TV.

The advantage of having it within its frame is that it allows you to receive multimedia content directly from a mobile -provided it’s Android- without the usual synchronization difficulties.

Chromecast connectivity includes Bluetooth and WiFi 802 with 2.4GHz and 5GHz network. The maximum resolution of the device is 4K HDR at 60 Fps. The video formats it supports are Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+.

The BGH equipment is equipped with a built-in Chromecast and Android TV, the panel resolution is 4K and is equipped with a button to activate the Google Assistant. This 145,199 pesos.


Sony BRAVIA KD-65X80J.  It's a high-end TV with built-in Google TV and Chromecast.  $529,999

Sony BRAVIA KD-65X80J. It’s a high-end TV with built-in Google TV and Chromecast. $529,999

The Sony television is an alternative for those looking for an alternative that surpasses the average barrier. Your Google TV system opens the door to over 700,000 movies and TV episodes, organized into themes and genres by interest.

Includes built-in Chromecast to share content from your mobile in just a few steps. For a complete audio and video experience, add Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

In addition, the light sensor ambient enhancement technology automatically adjusts the sound and picture according to the environment. While the 4K HDR Processor X1 makes adjustments in real time and erases image imperfections. Quote to 529,999 pesos.

Source: Clarin

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