Elon Musk targeted the Twitter lawyer who prompted the closure of Donald Trump’s account

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Elon Musk targeted the Twitter lawyer who prompted the closure of Donald Trump’s account

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Twitter will be another company in Musk’s portfolio. Photo Mike Blake/Reuters

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Tycoon Elons Musk, who agreed on Monday to buy Twitter for $ 44,000 million, targeted that social network’s lawyer, Vijaya Gadde, who was involved in important decisions such as removing political advertising from platform and the closure of Donald Trump’s. account for its use to incite an attack on the United States Capitol.

This situation did nothing but question of fate within Gadde’s companymainly after Musk, the man with the most money in the world, tweeted his dissatisfaction with the content moderation he had undertaken.

Twitter deleted Trump’s account on Jan. 8 last year, followed by nearly 89 million subscribers with whom he talks daily. He argued that there was still a “risk of incitement to violence” in the US president’s messages.

Two days earlier, thousands of supporters of the Republican billionaire violently attacked the Capitol in Washington, to prevent lawmakers from proving the victory of Democrat Joe Biden, the country’s current president in North America, in the November 2020 election.

Musk questioned the content moderation conducted by the lawyer.  Photo Susan Walsh/AP

Musk questioned the content moderation conducted by the lawyer. Photo Susan Walsh/AP

Gadde, considered a champion of morality on the platform, has spearheaded efforts to combat harassment and messages that could cause harm in the real world, for example that attack.

In parallel, Musk criticized the duty of the lawyer on deleting a New York Post story about Foreign business of President Joe Biden’s son Hunterbefore the 2020 elections.

That move is “incredibly inappropriate,” the 50-year-old South African tycoon said in a tweet responding to another user’s post, which included an article detailing about it. Gadde cried at a meeting about getting Musk.

Musk retweeted a meme featuring Gadde accusing Twitter of having a “left bias.” yun prompted former platform boss Dick Costolo to respond asking him what he wants to achieve.

“It making the executive of the company you just bought the target of harassment and intimidationCostolo said in a tweet in response to the richest man in the world.

Musk made sure he sought to defend freedom of expression.  Susan Walsh/AP

Musk made sure he sought to defend freedom of expression. Susan Walsh/AP

sa tila a sign that Musk may be making changes in direction, also responded to criticism online from another lawyer on Twitter, stating that he had previously worked with the FBI in a way that “looks bad.”

Musk said he wants to increase trust in Twitter because he considers that social network as a digital plaza for freedom of expression and debate.

There are winners and there are losers

Figures on the American left, such as former President Barack Obama, have lost thousands of followers since learning of Musk’s purchase of Twitter. For their part, the number of followers of right -wing politicians has increased.

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted his support for Musk’s delisting on Twitter. Dorsey called Musk’s commitment to make Twitter right as a “most trusted and widely included” platform.

“In principle, I don’t think anyone should own or run Twitter,” Dorsey said in a set of tweets.

Decided in favor of Musk, in another millionaire operation

U.S. Justice ruled Wednesday in favor of Musk in a case that began on 2017 acquisition of solar energy company SolarCity by Teslathe electric car manufacturer of which he is CEO.

After the purchase of SolarCity, a group of Tesla shareholders filed a lawsuit against Musk, considering that the operation was actually a secret rescue of the energy company and that the South African businessman had taken it for personal interests and not for the company.

At the time the acquisition closed, Musk was a member of the boards of directors of both Tesla and SolarCity.

However, the judge dismissed this accusation and prevented Musk from paying up to $ 2,000 million, which is what the plaintiffs are demanding.

In November 2017, Tesla closed its purchase of SolarCity for $ 2,600 million.

With information from the AFP and EFE


Source: Clarin

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