The creator of ChatGPT has revealed what is the most common use that users make of artificial intelligence

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Every year, the Sohn Conference Foundation holds an ideas contest where even tech-savvy and startup CEOs discuss and speculate what the future will bring. On this occasion, Patrick Collison, manager of Stripe, interviewed his colleague Sam Altman of OpenAI on the risks and possibilities of artificial intelligence.

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Also, he revealed what is the most common use that users give to their tool: “The most common use case for ChatGPT is the text summary in order to keep up to date with emails and Slack messages.”

the speech was growing in intensity and the first topic was economics: World Coin, Altman’s “crypto” project. In his understanding, AI could trigger a massive increase in economic growth identifying the most productive investments and projects for companies.

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In this way, AI can have much more relevant and profound economic impacts. He himself gives the example that an AI that could actually allocate funds for cancer research could save billions of dollars by accelerating progress in finding a cure.

The main course was served immediately as there was talk of the Impact of ChatGPT and everything OpenAI is doing in the web search industry.

ChatGPT's growth in the search segment.  AP photo.

ChatGPT’s growth in the search segment. AP photo.

“Language patterns are going to change internet search a lot, but they pose no threat to search. And they would only pose a threat to Google if they did nothing about it and, of course, Google will do nothingAltmann noticed.

Furthermore, he revealed that he is developing a program that allows the natural conversation with AI agents (programs like AutoGPT, which use language models autonomously, without relying on humans), which could have important social consequences.

Relying solely on reinforcement learning for AI is not a good long-term solution. The key to achieving “alignment” (the term for the convergence of artificial intelligence and human interests) is to understand the inner workings of models.

“I think that nuclear materials and artificial intelligence supercomputers have some similarities and that it is in this field that we can draw more parallels and inspirations than others. But I would also like to caution people against rushing to conclusions from this. , di propose something like an IAEA for artificial intelligence”.

That’s why he understands that while we should avoid the temptation to draw too much inspiration from older technologies, establish a global regulatory agency for powerful training systems AI is critical to safety.

AI: Twitter’s sterile debates

Discussions about AI on Twitter are unproductive.

Discussions about AI on Twitter are unproductive.

When asked about the fears these advances raise in a society that sees how these intelligent systems take their place, the CEO of OpenAI accused discussions on social media.

He feels that there are too many threads that contribute nothing since they aren’t really extrapolated to real work that comes in a specific port. In this way much is lost along the way and are sterile debates and Byzantine discussions that do not reach any port.

Many of the people who say they are concerned about AI security spend the day on Twitter saying they are very concerned about AI security.

“There are people who are very concerned and do a great technical job, but we need more people like that. What the world needs is no more people posting long philosophical threads on Twitter,” Altman said.


Source: Clarin

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