The violent step they took on Twitter in the face of possible employee sabotage against Elon Musk

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The violent step they took on Twitter in the face of possible employee sabotage against Elon Musk

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The arrival of the tycoon was not very well received by many employees. (Photo: AFP)

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Not all news is encouraging Elon Musk after buying Twitter. Tila, for fear of sabotage, the company had to postpone all scheduled updates. Moreover, they decided change the source code access rules by increasing the number of employees who are outraged by the hiring.

This drastic measure, according to Bloomberg, was carried out shortly before announcing the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk, under the premise that “will prevent employees from making unauthorized changes”.

Platform engineers will be able to implement critical changes with the prior approval of a vice president of the company, but other updates remain temporarily banned.

After making the purchase agreement the official CEO of Tesla, part over 7,000 employees on Twitter They began to show concern about their future work. Parag Agrawal, the current CEO of Twitter, in an attempt to calm the tide, assured that “at this time” there is no planned layoff.

However, Agrawal’s position itself depends on the balance, as he will be the main driver of the renewal. Far from abandoning the ship with empty nets, the director would be indebted to a millionaire compensation if he was removed.

Given this climate of tension, a climate of friendship does not reign in their offices as many of them disagree with Musk’s purchase and the new Twitter executive order.

The fear shared by many is the direction in which Musk could take the company. He is seen by others as a provocateur and many fear the usual uncertainty of the process of a series of corporate acquisitions.

Twitter has locked your source code.  Photo by AFP

Twitter has locked your source code. Photo by AFP

One of the changes Elon Musk plans to push to Twitter when the purchase is complete is the release of the platform’s algorithms under an open source license to increase user confidence in the service.

They block the Twitter code

The social network’s board of directors, which accepted Elon Musk’s purchase offer on Monday, confirmed that the company will stop being listed on the stock market and the current executive will be dissolved.

It should be noted that when it comes to employee management, Elon Musk does not have a good reputation. In his career as CEO at Tesla, an American automaker, he was accused of racial discrimination, among other incidents.

The executive also struggled to ignore his employees ’concerns about getting back to work along with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the many steps taken to prevent internal sabotage, Twitter decided to block access to the source code to prevent unauthorized changes from workers and engineers most reluctant to purchase.

Twitter has blocked its products in the past, at events like the Super Bowl, to ensure platform continuity and avoid errors in those top activities.

According to one of the report’s sources, the measure has now been applied because of the possibility that some employees will “become dishonest” by changing hands.

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Source: Clarin

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