Google can now be asked to remove personal data from searches

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Google can now be asked to remove personal data from searches

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The Google search engine may discard personal data. Photo by AFP

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Now allowed by Google delete personal data that appears in searches. Addresses, phone numbers, documents, CUIT or CUIL numbers and passwords: all of these can appear on the world’s most popular search engine. As reported, a request can be uploaded to ask them to provide some particularly low results.

According to a support page, Google will also remove things like “explicit or intimate non-consensual personal photos”, fake porn (style deepfakes) or Photoshops that display your image, or link to sites with “exploitative removal skills.”

Making a request involves providing Google with a list of URLs that link to personal information, as well as search pages that display those links. After you submit a request, Google will review it.

Its FAQ says it tries to “maintain access to information if the content is in the public interest“, as in the case of content that is” news-worthy, “” professionally relevant, “or comes from a government. If Google decides that the links should be removed, it states that they will not appear for any search queries, or they don t appear for searches that include your name.

According to a blog post, Google is giving people new options because “The internet is always evolving”they say Here’s a list of the types of information Google can remove:

  • Sensitive government identification numbers (IDs), such as the US social security number, the unique Argentine tax identification number, etc.
  • bank account numbers
  • credit card numbers
  • handwritten signature photos
  • photos of identity documents
  • Highly personal, restricted, and official records, such as medical records (used to read “Sensitive Personal Medical Records”)
  • Personal contact information (physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses)

How to apply

Google accepts requests and reviews them.  Photo by Reuters

Google accepts requests and reviews them. Photo by Reuters

When a user submits a request to delete this type of personal data, Google will initiate a review process, if your request meets all requirements. One thing to keep in mind is that Google does not delete the information from the internet or removes it from the website, but prevents it from appearing in search results.

Depending on the test result, the URL (where personal data appears) may no longer be displayed for any type of query. For example, whether it is bank accounts or credit card numbers.

Or the URL can only be removed from search results when a query is made using the name of the user or some similar identification data. This can happen, for example, if the rest of the web page displays content of public interest.

To upload the application you need to enter here.

Source: Clarin

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