New features for parents on Instagram and Facebook: How to set up children’s networks safely

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THE safety and the well-being of teenagers appears in the priority list for Meta, according to the latest updates which he presented this week on his social networks Facebook AND instagram.

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Until now, the company that rules Marco Zuckerberg has 30 tools and functions help teenagers and their parents in the digital environment. The first one he introduced was the possibility of block contactsIn 2010.

Over the years and in this ongoing effort, both social networks have announced themselves additional measures limit adolescents’ exposure to sensitive content e protect them from unwanted contact.

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Protection against unwanted messages and images

Instagram and Facebook's new safety features for parents.Instagram and Facebook’s new safety features for parents.

Initially, Meta highlighted a new default setting that will allow teenagers only receive messages from people you know or who they decided to connect with.

This new setting will apply to new and existing teenagers under the age of 16 (or under 18 in some countries). Those already on Instagram and Facebook will see a notification at the top of your forage informing them that their message settings have been “changed to protect them from unwanted contact.”

With this configuration, They will only be able to receive messages or be added to group chats from people they already follow or are in their contacts.providing them with greater security.

To top it all off, Meta has launched a new feature designed to block teenagers from seeing unwanted and potentially inappropriate images in messages from people they are already connected to. This measure aims in particular to discourage teenagers from sending this type of content via private messages.

Function too will operate in encrypted chats and is expected to launch later this year.

More parental monitoring features

Photo: ArchivePhoto: Archive

THE parental supervisionwhich launched on Instagram in March 2022, has also been improved.

Parents will now be consulted approve or reject requests exchange into your kids’ default security and privacy settings, giving them more control. These include changes such as transition from private to public account or the settings in Sensitive Content Control.

On the other hand, the search function facilitate offline conversations between parents and childrenallowing them to manage the digital world more harmoniously and, as the company points out, to make decisions that benefit the family.

Among the new features there is also the possibility that parents Set time limits and scheduled breaksSee when your child blocks or shares what someone has reported, and get notifications when your child changes their settings.

Additionally, parents who use supervision will be asked approve or reject requests of your children (under 16) to change the default security and privacy settings to a less strict state, rather than simply being notified of the change.

To understand how this works, if a teen using tracking tries to change their account from private to public, change the Sensitive Content Control From “Less” to “Standard”or, now, try changing your direct message settings to listen to people you don’t follow, your parents will receive a notification asking them to approve or reject the request.

As Meta posted on his blog, the updates reflect the commitment to creating safe and positive environments for adolescentsbalancing privacy with protection from online risks.

Source: Clarin

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