Apple Vision Pro is already sold in Argentina: why is it better to wait to buy it, beyond the price

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The first and revolutionary “space computer” designed by Manzanamixed reality glasses VisionPro, came out on the market a few days ago and, as expected, are already making waves in the United States. They are also starting to be sold Argentina.

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This peculiar device achieves fusing Apple’s digital content with the physical worldsomething that virtual reality headsets Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Pro 2 and many others have failed to achieve: the Vision Pro is not only useful for playing video games, but also to work anywhere.

How Apple Vision Pro works

They went on sale in early February.  (Photo: Bloomberg)They went on sale in early February. (Photo: Bloomberg)

Like all great Manzanita products, the most surprising thing is its design. These lenses – similar to Ski goggles– they break with everything known so far, are innovative and manage to fascinate fans, as they combine several familiar elements of other products of the brand.

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The seal resembles the fabric and foam of the AirPod Maxwhile the soft strap that runs across the top of the head resembles a bracelet Apple watch.

The operation of Vision Pro includes a connection with an external battery, an elegant aluminum module that guarantees two hours of uninterrupted battery life. Furthermore, you can connect to a mac via USB-C for continuous viewing.


On the street or in the subway, users shared their experience on social networks.

Meanwhile, the Vision Pro glasses’ external cameras eliminate the need for manual controls as the device can detect the user’s hands. On the other hand, internal eye-tracking cameras record the direction of the user’s gaze, allowing the device to interpret which application it wants to open or close.

As for the Home modethe Apple Vision Pro displays a virtual desktop of applications in an augmented reality environment.

The user can interact using simple gestures, for example by pinching to open an app or swiping to scroll through content. Likewise, you can navigate web pages in Safari using eye and tactile gestures.

The additional battery that the Apple Vision Pro connects to. Photo: Bloomberg.The additional battery that the Apple Vision Pro connects to. Photo: Bloomberg.

The device also offers an enhanced FaceTime messaging experience, where the internal cameras can capture and reproduce the user’s face virtually, creating a hyper-realistic digital twin during video calls.

In addition, Apple has developed “Virtual Environments” specifically for this product, which can be adapted depending on the application used. For example, a room can automatically dim or darken when you use certain applications. Can also check manually with the crown-shaped digital button on the top of the lenses.

Why it is not advisable to buy the Apple Vision Pro in Argentina

American users are shown online with their Apple Vision Pro. Photo: Reuters.American users are shown online with their Apple Vision Pro. Photo: Reuters.

THE Argentine fans of the brand, always updated on the latest developments, will not want to be left out of the hype around the Apple Vision Pro. But before deciding to buy it, it is essential take into account several fundamental aspects.

Although the product has appeared on several seller profiles on Free market, its official availability in the country has not yet been announced by Apple. This means that units sold in Argentina for private importers probably They do not have an official guarantee.

Also, for now, the Apple Vision Pro is Initially designed for customers in the United States. This implies that there may be significant limitations in terms of Compatibility with services and applications available in Argentina.

Furthermore, the need to have a account or App Store ID configured in the United States can generate additional difficulties if you use an Argentinian one, to the point of rendering the device unusable.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the cases of vision correctionas the Apple Vision Pro cannot be used with conventional lenses.

In the Apple Store they sell separately the corresponding increases, produced by the prestigious German brand Carl Zeiss, which allow you to adapt the device to the vision of each user. For this reason, they clarify that “only vision prescriptions written by US ophthalmologists will be accepted,” which may limit access to vision adjustment services in Argentina.

To all this, the Apple Technical Support It is only available in the United States, which means local users may experience difficulty obtaining support and troubleshooting in the event of possible device failures or modifications.

Apple Vision Pro: how much does it cost in Argentina

Although the official price of the Apple Vision Pro in the United States is $3,499those listed on Mercado Libre show significantly higher prices, up to double or triple the original price: from 6,999,999 to 9,999,999 pesos.

“Today it is only available in the United States. Internationally, Apple only announced it In May it will begin to be sold in China, but for now there is no announcement of expansion to other markets. Of course we are waiting for your arrival and focused on bringing him to Argentina as soon as Apple provides it,” Alejandro Goldin, General Manager of maxstoreone of the local licensees.

This eCommerce pricing disparity is a constant of every Apple global launch. Its high value may be due to the scarcity of the product on the Argentine market and the speculation of sellers and importers who do not have the official manzanita license.

Source: Clarin

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