Elon Musk and Sam Altman compared with Vision Pro: what they said about the new Apple glasses

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They say that Manzana has sold more than 200,000 units of its “space computer” VisionPro even before its launch on February 2 in the United States. But, a few days after its presentation, the same Elon Musk I went against the fury for these expensive glasses 3500 dollars.

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The manager of the social network “X” admitted to having tried the Vision Pro. But the curious thing is precisely this He wasn’t very impressed like many users, enthusiasts and technology experts, at least in this first iteration.

The tycoon creator of Tesla and SpaceX told his thoughts on the goal of mixed reality comparing it to the first iPhonewhich represented a revolution.

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Musk commented that Apple’s mixed reality glasses, or rather the space computer as Tim Cook calls it, did not impress him that much, perhaps due to previous expectations generated. He says that the the technology is promisingbut that the experience, for now, It’s not that innovative as expected.

The tycoon did not want to stay out of the topic of the moment.  (Photo: EFE)The tycoon did not want to stay out of the topic of the moment. (Photo: EFE)

Musk’s idea is shared by many users and technology enthusiasts, namely that the first generation iPhone also had it deficiencies that have been corrected with subsequent iterations, to show the path of smartphones that years later would become an essential part of our lives.

The Vision Pro will have to prove it: while their functionality is impressive, the reality is that their experience needs to be refined, as they are uncomfortable, delicate and in many ways, unnecessary.

Sam Altman, on Vision Pro: “It’s the second most impressive technology after the iPhone”

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.  (Photo: Reuters)Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. (Photo: Reuters)

On the sidewalk in front are the thoughts of Elon Musk Sam Altmannfrom Open IA, none other than the creator of ChatGPT. Furthermore, he supported the launch: “It’s the second most impressive technology, after the iPhone”.

Like the CEO of Tesla and the social network “X”, Altman also takes as a reference the first major presentation of Apple, which in 2007 inaugurated the smartphone category and paved the way for the arrival of other leading companies with their products.

But beyond the praise, the comment on Vision Pro by the man who guides the destinies of ChatGPT is ambiguous, since it is the new Apple product It doesn’t feel as revolutionary as the iPhone was.when it appeared 17 years ago.

Sam Altman’s words come just days after announcing that ChatGPT is available in the Apple Vision Pro app store the same day as its launch, in clear support of the apple producing company.

What is Apple Vision Pro like?


On the street or in the subway, users shared their experience on social networks.

The arrival of the Vision Pro is a milestone for lovers of virtual or augmented realitywho see this technology as the next chapter of life on the Internet after smartphones.

But given his high costLike the limited success of similar, cheaper launches from Meta (Facebook’s parent company), early reviews have raised doubts that Vision Pro will be a game changer, at least for now.

Apple sees the Vision Pro as its first foray into the market “spatial computing”refusing to use the term virtual reality, typically associated with tech enthusiasts.

The company has assured that they are available 600 apps and games specially designed for Vision Proalong with a million compatible applications.

Disney partnered with Apple and will deliver 150 3D movies at launch, both companies announced. Netflix, Spotify and Google have refused to modify their apps to fit glasses, for now.

On the other hand, the Vision Pro will be available in other countries later this yearsecond Tim Cookhead of Apple.

According to analysts at Wedbush Securities, Apple should expect to sell approx 600,000 units in 2024.

Source: Clarin

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