Foldable iPhones and artificial intelligence: what’s in Apple’s future after the launch of Vision Pro

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The world Manzana seems to have received the presentation of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the first of Samsung’s devices with Artificial Intelligence functions, mostly powered by Google. After the launch of mixed reality glasses VisionProthe company led by Tim Cook has confirmed that it will make a important announcement related to artificial intelligence in the coming weeks.

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After the presentation of the financial results for the first quarter of 2024, which they reported turnover of 119,575 million dollars with a profit of 33.9 billion dollars; The Manzanita company emphasized that it is focusing a lot of effort and time on generative artificial intelligence.

To possess CEO of Apple Once again he was the one making the announcement. “As time goes on, we will continue to invest in these and other (AI) technologies that will shape the future. This includes artificial intelligence, where we continue to dedicate a a huge amount of time and effortand we’re excited to share details of our ongoing work in that space end of this year“Cook told investors.

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All rumors indicate that this announcement will be made during the WWDC 2024 Developer Conferencewhere the company will be present iOS18a version in which new artificial intelligence functions are expected in most native applications.

However, the highlight of the evening would be the presentation of a completely renewed virtual assistant which they are testing right now with the help of ChatGPTin principle, to compare the results with the OpenAI chatbot.

Apple tests its new artificial intelligence: what is known

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.  (Photo: EFE)Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. (Photo: EFE)

According to company sources, the assistant would soon arrive on Apple mobile devices it would completely change what is known by Sirias it should be much more colloquial thanks to Apple’s language model called Ajax.

In addition to being able to make requests relating to audio and video, this AI could create shortcuts thanks to an integration with the native app of the same name. So iPhone users would have the ability to do so create any workflow simply with our voice.

Mark Gurman, journalist Bloombergdirectly touched on some of the possible generative AI features planned for iOS 18.

It is expected that when the iPhone 16 is launched, its users will have a smart feature automatically summarize and complete the text in specific applications, such as Pages and Keynote.

Playlist creation has also been improved Apple Musicprovide better automatic suggestions and comprehensive code snippets Xcode. At the same time, AppleCare will have new tools to help employees help customers resolve problems

Cook has long said in interviews that Apple is focused on generative Artificial Intelligence and that it is putting all its efforts into making it happen useful for usersas well as easy to implement in your daily life.

But not all rumors about this technology are favorable to Apple. The well-known analyst Jeff Pu, of the Haitong International agency, which usually provides details on Apple products, remains cautious about the news that will reach the public. iPhone16.

Even if generative AI begins to take shape later this year with the future Manzanita smartphone, analyst expects it to limited with some updates hardware related to the A18 and A18 Pro chips.

“We hope that in 2025, probably with the iPhone17here comes a generation of better-functioning artificial intelligence, a time to enhance Apple’s products and services businesses,” he acknowledged.

It recently emerged that iOS 18 is considered within Apple as one of the largest releases of iOSso generative AI will take its first steps in iPhone 16. However, the actual functions will require a little more development, as Cupertino hopes that iPhone 17 (and, ultimately, iOS 19) will unleash its true potential.

Apple launches into the foldable segment

A foldable iPhone concept.  (illustrative image)A foldable iPhone concept. (illustrative image)

Like Samsung with the Galaxy Z (Flip and Fold) or Motorola with the Razr, Apple would now also like to enter the segment of smartphones with flexible screens.

A recent report by The information suggests that the Manzanita company would work not just one, but two foldable phoneswhich today would already be in the process of being crossed prototype phase.

Apple reportedly began experimenting with foldable iPhones in 2018, and two models are being actively tested today. Both have the particularity of being foldable smartphones of the “lid” style.

The concept of iPhone with folding screen.  Photo: MacRumors.The concept of iPhone with folding screen. Photo: MacRumors.

The possibility of reverse format and place the foldable screen facing outward, so that when the device is folded, the two halves of the screen are exposed to the outside.

On the other hand, Apple would have faced the same challenge as the rest of the companies that have already launched foldable smartphones: the “wrinkle” that appears in the central part of the screen when the device is opened.

According to company sources, Tim Cook will only put this device into production If you get the panel it is completely flatto allow the use of accessories such as the Apple Pencil.

So far it’s unclear whether foldable iPhones will actually hit the market. Apple has reportedly had talks with several Asian component manufacturers, but it is not excluded that the project could be canceled if the product does not meet the quality standards required by Apple.

Source: Clarin

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