“How many tweets have our President liked?”, this is how the robot created by an 18 year old boy works to monitor the frenetic pulse of Javier Milei on Twitter

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N. was having a snack with some friends in a cafe when his phone started exploding with notifications. As an experiment, he had planned a small project, a robot that would count every time President Javier Milei “Liked” a post on Platform X, still known as Twitter, his favorite social network and the one he consumes the most. He was curious to answer two initial questions: How much time did the president spend there and what things did he like. Because of how it went viral, he realized that he wasn’t the only one interested in the answers to those puzzles.

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“How many tweets did our President like?”, developed by N., is a site that monitors the president’s activity in real time on the @JMilei account. There are no community managers, specialists in political communication or anything like that: in several interviews the head of state has confirmed that his Twitter account is not managed by anyone except him, a way to maintain a direct dialogue with his audience without depending by intermediaries.

According to the data collected, Over the past week, he worked an average of about 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on the social network. Every day he does a hundred RTs (retweets) and likes more than 200 messages.

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In the midst of the reforms that Mileism is trying to implement, what the President does on his Twitter account might be a minor issue if not for the very strong tenor of the posts he shares and, more importantly, the ones he likes.” From there it began a tough fight against Lali Espósito, treated deputies who rejected the Omnibus Law as traitors, targeted governors and He liked a publication in which the governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres, appeared characterized by features of Down syndrome.

Milei's likes and referrals on X.Milei’s likes and referrals on X.

“It’s an idea that was in my head, I talked about it with a friend and she told me it was a ‘King yes'”, says N. a. Clarion. Has I’m 18 years old and I just finished high school, but he’s been a programmer for a long time. “I have had the fortune and the problem of being glued to the PC since I was a child,” says N.

Prefer yes Do not give your real name to do the interview. Attacks by several Twitter satellite accounts (some of which operate from the Women’s Room of the Casa Rosada) against those who disagree with the President are common, as Lali or Torres himself have experienced in recent weeks. On Twitter his account is @esoesnulo.

The development of the bot, in JavaScript and open source on GitHub, took just a weekend. He started it on Friday and already had the model on Saturday. It launched on February 10.

“The idea for the bot came from the fact that there was already a lot of talk about the President’s use of Twitter. Without measuring it, it seemed high and the interactions it had were strong. The bot works scraping the page with random accounts,” he explains. This analysis is performed every five minutes and generates new revenue every time a similar one appears on Milei’s account.

Javier Milei's reposts while he argued with Lali Espósito.Javier Milei’s reposts while he argued with Lali Espósito.

Since Twitter does not provide precise information about Milei’s preferred time, the robot constantly checks to see if new tweets that the President likes appear. This creates graphs in which you can see peaks in activity, which usually repeat day after day. They’re usually after sunrise, like last Tuesday, where he shared 31 between 1 and 2 in the morning. At 8am she was logged into her account again.

The algorithm that N. put together tries to calculate the sessions. That is, those times when Milei takes out her cell phone to check her favorite social network. Each session is measured in minutes, not number of likes.

“Join groups of likes up to 3 minutes apart from each other. 15 likes in 3 minutes is 3 minutes, I’m not saying it’s a minute for each like. Like when you join Twitter you just need a tap to read before starting to add favorites, the same as when I close, I add a minute at the beginning and another at the end to estimate the sessions”, underlines the author. For N. clarifying this point is essential.

This sum is what ends up showing the time Milei dedicates slide tweets that interest you.

The findings of the robot that monitors Milei: why the discriminatory tweet was real and the one similar to a porn actress was not

The robot started working less than three weeks ago and it became a viral topic almost on the same level as the fight with Lali Espósito. Since then, various media outlets have started to feed on the information provided by the tool and it has become a topic of conversation on social networks.

This earned him some criticism from tweeters aligned with the government. Several accounts of Milei’s favorites have tweeted about the site. “These guys, since they found NOTHING WRONG with Milei, pay some guy to start counting the likes Milei has given on Twitter. They clearly DON’T SEE HER,” wrote @TommyShelby_30, the second most liked user on the President.

The most popular is the influencer and architect Ornella Panizza, known as @Ladymarketok. “They measure Milei’s time on Twitter, that’s why they take notes, yes, on the Chaco cri cri route. What is always important in the country”, she chicane.

The bot developed by N. is also generating a database of posts that the President likes. It was precisely that tool that allowed him to confirm that Milei had indeed liked a discriminatory post from the @LiberalDeMilei account, which sought to mock the president of Patagonia by depicting him in an image with the features of a person with Down syndrome.

The fact is that on Wednesday his spokesman, Manuel Adorni, denied that such a thing existed. “We regret everything that happened and obviously he did not participate in such an aberration,” Adorni said in his regular press conference when asked about that publication. “I understand that it didn’t happen and we feel so hurt, because I dedicated myself to analyzing the matter a little, that publication then disappeared,” the spokesperson said.

Javier MileiJavier Milei’s “like” on a discriminatory post on social networks against the governor of Chubut, Ignacio Torres.

As confirmed by N., The Like record appears in your database. The account from which it came, however, first became private and then changed its name; Due to these changes, the controversial tweet no longer appears on the President’s “Like” list.

With that same information, moreover, this week he came out to deny the false version according to which Milei had liked some posts regarding porn actresses, such as Mia Khalifa.

For N. the information provided by the Bot can be used to generate more medium-term data on a topic that, in his opinion, is relevant. “You can still analyze Twitter data more deeply, which ones are the most popular and whether they are also part of the team that was hired,” he says of the digital communications staff that Juan Pablo Carreira has been managing since last year. week, better known in X as Juan Doe.

Although he clarifies that “he is a programmer and not a political analyst,” N. says he was shocked by the amount of time Milei spends on the networks.

“Beyond that, I think the strongest thing is the calling Yrigoyen algorithm. This is demonstrated by the amount of time he spends on the networks, plus the fact that he has a very economic perception of the world that does not take social aspects into account much. And you can see it on his Twitter,” assesses presidential media consumption.

“Many people who spend too much time on social networks have their eyes crossed, but the novelty of this case is that it is a president”, closes N., the young man who created the only system capable of following frenetic tweets Milei’s impulse: a robot.

Source: Clarin

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