Invasion of mosquitoes: the most effective “technological traps” to protect against dengue

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Argentina lives with concern the increase in cases of dengue. In 2024 and faced with an escalation that seems to have no control, the Aedes aegizi mosquito broke the national historical record 151,310 cases registered (31,303 more than last week) and 106 deaths (27 more in seven days), which exceed the 130 thousand infections last year.

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As the shortage of supplies of aerosols, creams and citronella oil for flashlights due to high demand and little obtainability grows substantially in line with prices, several technological devices appear as a replacement of traditional repellents and without losing effectiveness.

There are thousands of species of mosquitoes throughout the world and its distribution ranges from tropical regions to temperate zones, as currently occurs in the AMBA region.

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Although some are harmless, others are vectors of serious diseases like malaria, denguethe virus Zika and even yellow fever. This is why, faced with the invasion that does not stop and the scarcity of repellents, Technological support is essential to combat Aedes in Egyptiknown as the “domestic” mosquito due to its domestic habits.

Anti-mosquito devices: features and prices

12 watt LED lamp to fight mosquitoes.12 watt LED lamp to fight mosquitoes.

In the Argentine market there are products of all types, but with a characteristic that makes them lethal: ultraviolet LED light. This type of lighting is quite intense and effective against mosquitoes, as they capture their attention because they emit a length of light wave between 350 and 368 nm which is very attractive to them.

There are products that emulate a tennis racket, traditional LED lamps or electrocutive lamps. They are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, have rechargeable batteries and are easy to clean.

Technological products to kill mosquitoes.Technological products to kill mosquitoes.

Master Trap large model GM913 Its characteristic is that it attracts and kills mainly mosquitoes, but also flying insects, such as fruit flies, wasps and moths.

After 10 or 15 days of use, according to the importer, the mosquito population in the home is drastically reduced. This is crucial because in two weeks its local reproductive chain decreases.

Like many products in its category, works without contaminating chemicals nor other consumer products. It does not produce odors and is totally ecological.

Technological products to kill mosquitoes.Technological products to kill mosquitoes.

Electric anti-insect lamp TBCin 20w he has 2 T8 ultraviolet light tubes to keep your home free from annoying mosquitoes.

With its powerful ultraviolet light it attracts flying insects and eliminates them effectively. Its compact and modern design adapts to any space, both indoors and outdoors.

Technological products to kill mosquitoes.Technological products to kill mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, the popular lamp that kills mosquitoes It consists of a 360 degree integral design, a high voltage grid that is instantly lethal even against other types of insects.

Like traditional home lights, this deadly mosquito trap is low energy consumption and low noise level.

It can be easily moved anywhere thanks to the strap and is operated via a button, allowing you to keep the spaces of a house or apartment away from mosquito bites. You can place it in the children’s room, bedroom, living room, office or take it with you for a weekend camping trip.

The "tennis racket" kills mosquitoes.The “tennis racket” kills mosquitoes.

There are also options for those looking for an affordable and effective product. The known 4.2V tennis racket, which has a strong presence in Chinese supermarkets, stands out for having a high quality lithium batterywhich is convenient for the user compared to expensive alkaline batteries.

It recharges via the mini USB port on the handle and has a useful life of 600 recharges. In its package, as expected, there is the cable.

The main feature of this device is this eliminates insects at double speedThanks to the new discharge circuit technology, instantaneous discharge voltage up to 2,600V, effectively kills insects

On the other hand, the racket gives way Electric shocks are deadly to mosquitoes but harmless to humans, even when the net is accidentally touched. Even so, the manufacturer recommends “not touching it with your fingers or any part of your body.”

For the most part, these mosquito traps are sold through e-commerce stores in the Mercado Libre. Prices range from $8,999 to $83,000; although there are also options that exceed 100 thousand pesos.

Source: Clarin

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