Mercado Libre enters the delivery business: it will compete with Ordenes Ya and Rappi

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Free shopping aims to exploit a new branch of business to implement on its platform Payment Market: delivery via appas Rappi and Orders Now do.

During the movement restrictions due to the pandemic, the fintech branch of unicorn MercadoLibre offers new functionality for local businesses.

In 2020, they developed a specific button within the app called “Places near you”, which users can communicate with neighborhood businesses via Whatsapp to place orders for withdrawal or by shipments of participating businesses.

“This new functionality is an evolution of that button. Shipping manages the deliveries that the restaurants themselves have“, advanced from Mercado Pago.

Confirmation came from him site developers (developers) described that “Mercado Pago Delivery is an on-demand food delivery solution where the customer accesses a list of registered restaurants, selects their order and pays directly from the Mercado application Pago. “

Through a video tutorial shared on his channel Youtubethe company briefly explained the key features of the new release to clarify the most frequent doubts of the users.

How Mercado Pago Delivery works

Right now, shipments are handled by the restaurants themselves.  Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

Right now, shipments are handled by the restaurants themselves. Photo: Rafael Mario Quinteros

The first step is include Mercado Pago Delivery at Points of Sale (POS) or POS of restaurants, an action that will give these businesses a different tool. In principle, even in the list of registered restaurants, automatically receive and receive orders, easy to manage inventory and finances.

Also, places that decide to register in this program should close the box efficiently, with the reconciliation solution already included and showing the detail of all transactions performed.

Once the restaurant’s POS or POS is integrated, notifications of new orders will be sent for the business to consult and accept them. For gastronomic establishments without order management software, unicorn makes available the “Manager of Orders “, an exclusive instrument of Mercado Pago Delivery.

“It is responsible for controlling the entire flow of an order in a simple and clear way,” they explain from the tutorial shared by the company.

Mercado Pago and Cazzu, for financial education

Cazzu supports digital financial education.

Cazzu supports digital financial education.

Focusing on working together to narrow the gender gap, Mercado Pago called on Cazzu to lead a video clip aimed at reaching women and men in favor of financial education is key to development.

The video clip premiered on May 19 and will be available on YouTube and currently has 17,731 views. It is also available on the streaming music platform Spotify.

The campaign, starring Cazzu and other emerging artists in the city, was conducted in conjunction with Prójimo, an advertising agency and school that operates in the town of La Cava de San Isidro, and directs a blog with financial content. education on savings, growth, investment, collection tools and information on the use of the platform.

As part of its comprehensive financial education strategy, Mercado Pago announced a month ago an alliance with PRO Mujer, Aliança Emprendedora and Junior Achievement Américas, to provide free training in finance and entrepreneurship 3,000 women and 3,900 youth from across the region. The goal is to break down barriers to education and achieve a real democratization of financial services.


Source: Clarin

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