Elon Musk approached the total purchase of Twitter and negotiated with its founder, who resigned from the company

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Elon Musk approached the total purchase of Twitter and negotiated with its founder, who resigned from the company

Elon Musk, closer to getting to Twitter. Photo REUTERS.

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Amid negotiations between Elon Musk and Twitter executives, the founder of the microblogging social network, Jack Dorsey, announced his resignation from the company, a decision that caused suspicion and internal anger. At the same time, the technology magnate has promised to pay more than half of the $ 44,000 million the company offers with its own funds and began to negotiate on Dorsey’s own partaccording to a document delivered Wednesday to the U.S. stock market regulator.

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The founder of Tesla and SpaceX had previously said he would contribute 21,000 million of its own funding offer -out of his pocket and contributed by third parties -, but on Tuesday he informed the Securities Market Commission (SEC, in English ) that number rose to 33,500 millionaccording to the document.

so, reduces the share of financing that comes from loans and specifically eliminates those linked to the capital of Tesla, his electric vehicle company, from which a good portion of his fortune comes.

Musk also said he’s talking to key Twitter shareholders, including Dorsey, the “possibility” that redeem their securities before the transaction is completedwhere he plans to remove the company from the stock market, what for keep a stake on social networks.

Also on Wednesday, expert portal TechCrunch and other media reported that Dorsey announced his resignation from Twitter’s board of directors in conjunction with a meeting of the company’s shareholders, as planned when he announced he would step down as CEO in November last year.

Musk announced in April the purchase of Twitter, which would give him control of the company and will end this yearbut has since been skeptical about the operation, even saying it has paralyzed the process until I clarified how many fake accounts there are.

Among Twitter employees there were many voices against how the board of directors negotiated this agreement and Musk’s challenging attitude.

The Tesla leader considers that the social network shows a clear political intentions on the left and that usually censors voices on the right. In fact, just a few days ago Musk also acknowledged that his own political inclinations had changed and that although in the past he had voted for Democratic party candidates, in the future he would vote for Republican candidates.

The US fines Twitter for sensitive data breach

The U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday that Twitter will pay a fine of $ 150 million as part of an agreement to resolve the lawsuit alleging the platform provided the phone number of its users to advertisers.

The Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice have accused Twitter of taking phone numbers and email addresses provided by users to increase the security of their account and let advertisers use this data to make money.

Sources: EFE and AFP


Source: Clarin

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