Nicolás Villalba, the Messi of FIFA 22, won the eChampions League in a historic final

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Nicolás Villalba, the Messi of FIFA 22, won the eChampions League in a historic final

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Nicolás Villalba, champion of the FIFA 22 eChampions League.

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Electronic sports in Argentina has a new FIFA 22 champion, the most popular virtual soccer video game between consoles and PC. Guild Esports Player, Nicholas Villalbathe “Orejona” gamer who delivered the tournament won this afternoon eChampios League and the $ 75,000 main prize.

The tournament began on May 27 with the eight best players representing clubs from the old continent in FIFA 22. Within this select group, South America had representation by Argentines Nicolás Villalba from Guild Esports and Matías Bonanno from Team Hereticsno more or less than the main character of a historic final for the esports of Argentina and Latin America.

In addition to the Argentines, the finals were attended by several solid players from the FIFA scene: Tekkz, Predator, Umut, Denii_10, Roe Feldman and Snakez.

After an initial call for more than a thousand participants, the Iceman Villalba He entered the match as the champion of the FGS 22 Masters Cup and Matias as the winner of the TOTS Tag Team Cup that ended less than a month ago.

The first series saw the best Matías Bonanno, who surprised Nicolás Villalba from the start with 3-1 (2-1 and 1-0).

In the second and final battle, the player from Guild Esport He brings out all his experience and the track record that places him as the best Argentine video game player of all time. Bonanno’s confidence started with a 2-0 win and looked like he was on his way to the title, but it was reversed in time with a 7-0 decision that finally crowned him champion.

Among those who greeted the new European champion through social networks were the Argentina Esports Teamwith the same player on the squad, his former club FC Basel 1893 E-Sports and many representatives of the Argentine esports scene, such as JonY BoY (Counter Strike) and Sebastián Fernández (FIFA Manager of KRÜ Esports).

The event will also feature an exhibition match featuring four former UEFA Champions League winners to celebrate the PlayStation Cup final. Ashley Cole, Kaká, who gave the championship cup to Nicolás VillalbaHenrik Larsson and Fernando Morientes formed a team with four winners in the competition.

Nicolás Villalba’s path to the title

Friday is the full day with double elimination playoffs. Nicholas started from the top key (upper bracet) against the German Umut from RBLZ Gaming.

In the semifinals he had to face the British Tekkez, one of the most important players in recent years. The double series ended in favor of the Argentine 4-1 (1-2 and 2-1) and the passport to the grand final.

Matías Bonanno, from Team Heretics, won the runner-up position and a $ 50,000 prize.

Matías Bonanno, from Team Heretics, won the runner-up position and a $ 50,000 prize.

Matthias Bonannomeanwhile, have to fight to reach the grand final from the bottom bracket (Lower bracket) to reach the last chances and his first challenge was beating the German Snakez from VfL Bochum 1848, 4-2 on aggregate (0-1 and 4-1). Then he did the same to PredatorFIFA from Werder Esports, 4-3 (1-1 and 3-2); FeldMan of MoM Esports, by 1-1 (1-0, 1-0 and 5-3 on penalties). In the semifinals he defeated Tekkez with a 6-0 win (2-0 and 4-0)

The highest level of competition on the PlayStation 5 console rewarded the top three by qualifying for the EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series Playoffs in July.

Source: Clarin

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