Hot Sale 2022: what are the most wanted tablets

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Hot Sale 2022: what are the most wanted tablets

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The cheapest models start at 11 thousand pesos; but the most expensive exceeds 100 thousand.

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At a size larger than any cell phone, tablets with screens of 10 inches and up found their niche years ago in recreation and productivity. On this note, the models available at Hot Sale 2022 and the technical differences that should be considered for your selection.

The two main places to perform a search are: much the most willing to invest Y what is the main use where it will be placed: the models range from 11 thousand pesos to over 100 thousand.

Within the size of the pretensions, the lowest step is occupied by tablets for children Those who reply to mail or browse social networks follow them. The top of the range is for watching series and movies or achieving maximum fluidity in action games.

The aspects that makes a difference These are related to the size and resolution of the screen, the type of processor used, its refresh rate, the autonomy it provides and the design that surrounds it.

Hot Sale 2022: the most wanted tablets

The whole iPad family, from the largest to the smallest.  Photo by Apple.

The whole iPad family, from the largest to the smallest. Photo by Apple.

The same rivalry between Samsung and Apple phones is driving the world of tablets. The South Korean company has three competing models: the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite ($ 36,000), Galaxy Tab A8 ($ 60,000) and the Galaxy Tab S7 FE WIFI ($ 135,000), which is the most powerful.

While Manzana prepare the iPad standard (with 10 generations), the mini, the Air and the Pro, which are the most advanced, with six generations in circulation. The one with the most variety in the country is the fourth, which is also the cheapest.

Another manufacturer with some proposals is Lenovo, which has some promotions. The 11.5 ”Tab P11 Pro comes with a keyboard and digital pen and will come at a discount of 7 thousand pesos: $ 98,999. The Yoga Slim 7 and the IdeaPad 3 6th Gen are discounted.

Another of the high -performance models is the Xiaomi Pad 5 Tablet ($ 100,000), an intermediate level option is the Amazon Tablet Fire Hd 10 ($ 27,000) and the TCL Tab 10 Neo 10 ”($ 25,000).

Here are the technical features to pay attention to before buying a tablet in this Hot Sale 2022.


The smallest tablet for productivity or entertainment.

The smallest tablet for productivity or entertainment.

While most of the offering is concentrated around 10 inches, as it provides the optimal balance between performance and portability, there is some XL equipment with performance close to a notebook.

Those below this mark, especially those about 7 inches, are considered a toy. They stand out for being cheap (11 thousand pesos) with a plastic body and low technical impersonation.

A good indicator of team quality is in the relationship that exists between the resolution and screen size, that is, in the density of dots per inch. The standard size is 300 dots per inch (dpi).

For a 1K computer (1,920 by 1,080p), ideal for office work and social networks, approximately 200 dpi is sufficient. For multimedia use, a QXGA resolution (2048 by 1536) and a density of 224 dpi is a good option. For more than 10 inches, consider 2K (2048 by 1080) at 300 dpi.

As for panel technology, such as televisions and mobiles, there is an LCD or OLED dilemma, in this case in the IPS LCD format compared to AMOLED. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

refresh rate

Refresh rate, perfect for games.

Refresh rate, perfect for games.

This is related to the properties of the screen. Measured in hertz (Hz), it indicates the number of times the image turns on and off per second. The higher the Hz number, the better the experience. The minimum is 60 Hz, though there are 90 Hz, 120 Hz and the ones exclusively for players reach 240 Hz.

Having a refresh rate that exceeds the average is just one additional value that can be seen when one slides into a social network, opens a contact, reads news or jumps from one application to another.

The benefit is even more noticeable in games. Since the details of what is moving on the screen are not missing, a saving resource when you need to react as quickly as possible to each action.


Although the autonomy of a device depends on the intensity of the user, its duration is closely related to the screen size. The larger it is, the higher the consumption and therefore, it will require higher battery capacity.

For models up to 10 inches, the minimum is 5,000 mAh, while those exceeding 12 inches, will need to consider double 10,000mAh. It is also important that it has a charger of at least 15 watts, so that it can complete charging within three hours.


The Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

The Galaxy Tab S8 tablets.

Also called Chipset (SoC) it is one of the most important part because the sum of its cores and the speed of operation of their clocks determines how quickly it can analyze and use information.

For office tasks, the quad-core MediaTek chip is enough. If the intent is to run applications smoothly, processors from Samsung, Huawei, Qualcomm and Apple or Intel Pentium Gold will achieve higher performance.

RAM memory helps improve processor performance. The greater the value, the better the handling of applications. One of its features is the provision of speed and also the establishment of temporary storage of information. The floor is 2GB and the most pretentious is at 8GB.


Source: Clarin

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