What future for…: the future of dogs, sports and death explained on Netflix

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Tech magazine The Verge launches its new series on Tuesday What future for… (The Future Of) on Netflix. The show explores the promise of technology in different fields, from the most serious to the most wacky.

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In the first six episodes, which are already online, the team meets specialists to determine what the future holds for dogs, romantic encounters, plants and even cheeseburgers.

See it as a documentary for the futurewriting The Verge on its website.

We wanted the predictions of “What future for…” be exciting. We wanted them to be a bit quirky. We even wanted some of them to be a bit scary.

A quote from The Verge
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The Verge also wants to highlight the artisans of this quest for the future. Technology is not something that develops by itselfwe explain.

People invent new things, others use them in unusual ways, and this cycle of innovation is changing the world, according to the trade magazine.

Among the producers of the series, we find Vox Media Studios, which signs the explanatory series In Short (Explained).

The next six episodes of What future for… will be released on June 28, and will notably address the themes of death, headphones and skyscrapers.

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