Chris Evans switched cell phones after seven years and caused surprise in the networks: what model he used

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Chris Evans switched cell phones after seven years and caused surprise in the networks: what model he used

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Chris Evans said goodbye to his old cell phone on social media.

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One of the emblematic actors of the Avengers saga, Chris Evans, greeted his old cell phone from the heart through social networks. Captain America used a iPhone 6s released seven years ago, until he had no choice but to switch to one released in late 2021.

In a tweet, Evans He noted that he will miss the home button of your iPhone 6s, but what you will not miss are the problems loading it or your “grainy photos”.

As happens to most users who still have this model of iPhone, Evans will lose the sudden drop in its battery from 100% to 15% and then completely run out, within minutes.

The Hollywood actor also responded to the same message on Instagram, plus a photo of what appears to be a iPhone 13 Pro being set up, next to the old iPhone 6s he has used in recent years.

Aside from all the problems Chris Evans mentioned, his iPhone 6s was already well past its planned obsolescence period.

Chris Evans' Instagram post firing his old iPhone 6. Photo: @chrisevans.

Chris Evans’ Instagram post firing his old iPhone 6. Photo: @chrisevans.

On the other hand, Apple announced in its latest keynote that the iPhone 6s will not receive the update to the latest version of the iOS 16 operating system, which will come from the hands of the iPhone 14. In this way, the seven years will end. the support offered by the company American brand, much more than the three that usually receive Android smartphones.

Of course, many will wonder if Chris Evans wasn’t worth waiting for the iPhone 14 launch, which will take place between September and October of this year, when the Apple company carries out its traditional keynote.

But as he expressed regarding his relationship with the iPhone 6, having the latest device of the year isn’t a priority for this Hollywood star, so this latest acquisition could easily accompany him during upcoming editions of the smartphone.

iPhone 6: one of the best-selling phones in history

iphone 6s apple iphone anniversary evolution cell phone models iphone cell phones

iphone 6s apple iphone anniversary evolution cell phone models iphone cell phones

Launched in 2014, the Apple phone hit a record 231 million units sold and with it became the third best-selling mobile phone in history.

The following year it was the turn of the iPhone 6S, which was the best seller in its first weekend. With 13 million units sold, it surpassed its predecessor’s 10 million.

The iPhone 6S has become popular not only for keeping the same design as the iPhone 6, but it also includes updated hardware, such as the Appe A9 chip. It also featured a reinforced 7000 series aluminum alloy frame.

Its cameras were one of the most popular aspects of this iPhone, as it went from 8 megapixels to 12 MP with iSight technology. In addition, they are capable of recording 4K video, an increasingly common feature in high-end mobile phones.

The FaceTime camera, another of the great promise of improvement of the iPhone 6s, is also renewed and goes from 1.2 MP to 5 MP including Retina Flash. However, beyond the noticeable improvement in specs, the iPhone 6s camera was able to create animated photos – like a high-resolution GIF – that are activated with the new 3D Touch technology; the new feature is called Live Photos and was exclusive to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.


Source: Clarin

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