Uber will allow drivers and customers to negotiate the price of the trip

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Uber will allow drivers and customers to negotiate the price of the trip

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Through the app you can negotiate the price of the trip.

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The dynamic speed of transport services such as Uber or Cabify has become a nightmare during rush hour or on Friday nights. But at least in Mexico, it’s about to end with the arrival of the new travel app proposal called Uber Agreement.

And is that, although the same route is always used, factors such as traffic, supply and demand, as well as planning affect the final price, which sometimes tends to be high.

“When travel demand exceeds the supply of available cars, a multiplier of the usual rate is activated to invite a greater number of subscribers to the app to provide their service”.

These scenarios – which are repeated more frequently at other times of the year – generate annoyance among customers, who at least now will have a solution.

At peak times the rate goes up.

At peak times the rate goes up.

Drivers and their customers will now have the ability to choose their earnings, so both will need to negotiate the cost of the trip. This means that they will have the option to make a counter offer if you do not agree with the indicated rate.

Then, via the Uber app, he suggests a price based on time and distancedepending on where you are. And further down, there will be price alternatives of different colors.

Light gray options mean the price is lower than the suggested price, while dark gray options mean the price is higher than the suggested price.

The passenger must indicate an attractive price for both him and the driver and if someone agrees with that value, the journey begins.

It should be noted that once someone has made an offer this it will be valid for six minutes. If no driver has accepted it, you will need to request another trip.

The idea is to select another price to incentivize drivers to accept the new offer. If a counter offer is received from the driver, there will be 30 seconds to accept / reject it.

So far, competitors are missing something like this. However, it may be a matter of time before they take on a similar role as customers demand more control over their spending.

Special order

Charter travel, an option in Dallas.  AFP photo.

Charter travel, an option in Dallas. AFP photo.

Groups looking to tour the city or celebrate in Dallas won’t have to worry about finding a charter for their next group event. Starting Thursday, you can order a minibus in the Uber app.

The company says it “will publish (travel) prices in advance, so there will be no surprises.” For example, booking a last-minute round trip for 10 people in an Uber minibus costs around $ 1,500.

The company accepts travel bookings for hen parties, family reunions and corporate group outings. Customers will have an option in the app to tell if they want to drink alcohol on board.

Alternatively, service operators can also deny the presence of alcohol on their buses via US Coachways’ SubOut software.

Source: Clarin

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