Android phone lock screens may start showing ads soon

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Android phone lock screens may start showing ads soon

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Glance, the company that tests ads on phones. Photographic look

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Some US carriers are testing a feature that, if successful, could reach the whole world: put ads on the lock screen of Android phones.

Just like it happens with devices Turn onfor example, that when blocked show advertisements related to books, the phone lock screen it’s a mouthwatering place for brands. It is something that users watch many times a day.

There are some types of applications that use advertising inside and this is considered something with a negative impact in the user experience.

According to a report by the specialized site TechCrunch, a new startup is inventing a new and more invasive way of “shit”As it is commonly known: lock screen ads. The company, “Look“, is a subsidiary of Indian ad technology company InMobi and TechCrunch reports that the lock screen” content “company” plans to roll out its lock screen platform on Android smartphones in the US within two months. “

How the system works

Samsung Galaxy A53, one of the phones that may have these announcements.  Samsung photos

Samsung Galaxy A53, one of the phones that may have these announcements. Samsung photos

The Glance app is a full screen capture of the lock screen. It looks a lot like a generic social network of heavy swipe, such as TikTok or Snapchat Discoverbut it only shows the contents of Glance.

This results in advertising graphics and, in some more invasive cases, even in a video that is displayed every time the phone is turned on.

The company’s website promises a “unrivaled reach” and “genuine engagement” from your target audience. Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO of InMobi, gave Forbes India a rather dystopian description of his company’s strategy, saying, “Consumers will move from searching for content to consuming what is shown to them.”

The third main navigation link on the company website is “Advertisers”, where the company page promises “a frictionless campaign” on the “zero screen”, the first screen users see when they turn on their phones.

A quick glance at Glance’s “business” page shows that it’s really difficult identify what is paid content and what is not. They could all be paid content. The advertiser’s page features a variety of “success stories”, such as a cryptocurrency quiz game promoted by a crypto app that has “educated” users about cryptocurrencies and increased sales.

Personal data and companies involved

Motorola is one of Glance's associated companies.  Motorola photo

Motorola is one of Glance’s associated companies. Motorola photo

Additionally, Glance also promises to be able to provide a ton of personal data to advertisers for targeting and tracking. List the demographics, their location, the interests they have chosen in the application, the language they use and the phone model.

Google is an investor in Glance, which could make the strategy massive: The company lists Vivo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme and Samsung as partners and claims that, in India, the company has “> 80% range on all phones new smart.

Source: Clarin

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