High-performance notebooks: five ultra-light models to take anywhere

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High-performance notebooks: five ultra-light models to take anywhere

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Prices are between 190 and 300 thousand pesos. Photo: ASUS

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The home office, remote chatting and the hybrid work modality are part of the so-called “new normal” that the post-pandemic world is going through. To surf this method change, the ideal PC is the notebook. On this note, five lightweight, high -performance models are available anywhere.

The main feature of these laptops is that they are versatile enough to be used from the living room, take to the office or show in a cafe and at the same time, they are suitable for run the most demanding applications simultaneously, with some time of energy autonomy.

These devices are unique in carrying under the hood a leading processor (Intel Core i7), a Full HD screen that covers the intermediate range between 14 and 15.6 inches and advanced connection ports.

ganun ba just one step below the top of the column. The five computers, ideal for professionals or use as workstations, are: Lenovo ThinkPad T14 2nd Gen, Banghó BES X4, ASUS ZenBook Duo 14, Dell Inspiron 5510, Acer Aspire 5.

Lenovo ThinkPad T14

Lenovo ThinkPad T14 2nd Gen.  Starting at $ 268,000.

Lenovo ThinkPad T14 2nd Gen. Starting at $ 268,000.

One of the hardware elements that greatly affects the final price is the processor, whose task is to adjust energy consumption and manage the instructions of all operations performed, from the most demanding to the basic .

To find out if the price is reasonable, the first thing is identify the family to which it belongs. Intel’s latest generation is 11 and AMD’s 6, but models whose processors are three years old are already available in the local market. The older it is, the lower its value.

To check its date you need to read the wafer next to the keyboard. For example, if you say Core i7‑11390H, the two numbers after the hyphen indicate that your line has reached the number eleven. The same logic applies to AMD. So, the sixth should say Ryzen 7 6800H.

The letter H, in both cases, indicates that the processor is a high-performance processor optimized for laptops. As HQ points out it is optimized for laptops with four cores.

With one foot on the accelerator, Lenovo has the Core i7-1185G7 and at 14 inches it tries to achieve a balance between professional life and home use. To protect the equipment, this includes the ThinkShield solution, a combination of hardware and software to prevent espionage or data theft. It costs 268 thousand pesos.

Banghó BES X4

The Banghó BES X4 stands out for its wide variety of connection ports.  $ 244,999

The Banghó BES X4 stands out for its wide variety of connection ports. $ 244,999

Although for many they are a matter of secondary, ports are a strategic point of any noteook. The most basic are USB 3.1 (blue), USB Type C (reversible and oval tip) and Thunderbolt (the fastest).

In addition to achieving higher switching speeds, they are used to connect new peripherals and increase the voltage of the loads and use a charger more carefully.

The USB Type-C connector is the new standard in smartphones and also dominates today in the field of laptops. It’s designed for high voltage connectivity – it gets up to 240 watts of power – which means it can be switched More power than traditional USB.

Thunderbolt is the product of a partnership between Intel and Apple to create a new peripheral connectivity technology that supports audio, video, data and power over one cable.

The USB type C port is the new acquisition of laptops.

The USB type C port is the new acquisition of laptops.

Equipped with a single bidirectional 40 Gigabit per second (Gbps) channel, the Thunderbolt 3 port can send and receive information simultaneously, at very high speeds.

The Banghó equipment, which has just been purchased, is one of the best in terms of cost and configuration. It includes Thunderbolt, USB Type C and some USB 3.1 as well. For video, it also has HDMI.

In terms of power, it includes an 11th generation Core i7 (Core i7-1165G7), 14-inch Full HD screen (1920 by 1080), 180º opening, 5-position backlit keyboard, the chassis is a alloy of magnesium and aluminum. It costs 245 thousand pesos.

ASUS ZenBook Duo 14

ASUS ZenBook Duo 14. Has a second touch screen for more interaction.  From $ 300,000.

ASUS ZenBook Duo 14. Has a second touch screen for more interaction. From $ 300,000.

The size of any notebook is not an indicator of quality or privilege, as the price depends on its configuration and not on its dimensions. While some prioritize the convenience of a spacious keyboard, others are looking a compact device that provides greater portability.

In this size of equivalents, 17-inches covers the range with the highest volume. On the other extreme, smaller sizes start at 13 inches. The central zone is inhabited by teams of 14 to 15.6 inches.

Note that any of these laptops can expand your perspective if you plug it into a monitor via the HDMI or VGA port, the classic blue connector.

In the field of design, many manufacturers opt for thinner equipment -with a thickness of less than 2 centimeters- and without bevels. Others add mechanical joints to further open or expand the contours of the desk.

The difference of the Asus is a second touch screen in the area where the keyboard is located and that, in order not to interfere with writing, can be raised by hinges that are activated when the cover is lifted.

The idea of ​​this ScreenPad Plus is to complement the activities of the main panel. So, you can watch a live video on the main screen and below, follow the comments on various social networks.

It includes a 14-inch FHD display with 4mm NanoEdge bezels, resulting in a 93% aspect ratio. The ScreenPad Plus has a maximum brightness of 400 nits for better visibility at any angle. From 300 thousand pesos.

Dell Inspiron 5510

Dell Inspiron 5510. With 512 SSD drive and room to add a second drive.  $ 220,000

Dell Inspiron 5510. With 512 SSD drive and room to add a second drive. $ 220,000

The other piece that has achieved a noticeable increase in system performance is the solid state drive (SSD). Their secret is, because they lack moving parts (they are Flash memory), they need less power, which allows reduce the temperature a few degrees.

In addition, they are more resistant to drops, tremors, shock and daily damage, so the chances of losing data are lower.

It is recommended that the notebook have at least 256 GB. If you need more capacity, you can add a second SSD or use the new high-capacity external pen drive that connects to a USB 3.2 port and achieves high transfer speeds.

Your Dell PC includes 512GB M.2 NVMe memory that interacts directly with the system CPU for speed boost. In addition, the motherboard has two free slots to add an M.2 NVme SSD via the PCIe slot, which transfers 25 times more data than its SATA equivalent.

It includes a 4-core Intel Core i7-11370H processor, 15.6-inch FDH display, Wi-Fi 6, backlit keyboard. This is achieved by 220 thousand pesos.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5. It has 20 GB of memory and several USB 3.1 ports.  $ 190,000

Acer Aspire 5. It has 20 GB of memory and several USB 3.1 ports. $ 190,000

The operating system uses RAM memory to store data and instructions of running applications, but only temporarily, so as not to deplete processor resources. thus reducing waiting times.

Software tends to use more RAM as its complexity increases. Which implies that the more memory the system hosts, the more programs you can handle simultaneously.

Both a chat conversation and a casual game keep consumption low. Whereas an Excel spreadsheet, a Photoshop project or a video game like Dying Light 2, destroys all available resources.

Most entry-level laptops include 8GB of RAM, mid-tier machines range up to 16GB, and those used for gaming, They start at 32 GB.

The Acer includes 20GB of memory (16 plus 4), a 15.6-inch FDH display, and a Core i7-10510U chip. It is completed with two USB 3.1 ports and USB Type-C+. It is 190 thousand pesos.


Source: Clarin

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