ANSA – Brasil Jornal: Putin prepares for a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine 10/04/2022 12:02

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According to the British newspaper The Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly preparing his armed forces to conduct a nuclear test on the Ukrainian border.

The newspaper referred to an intelligence report sent by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to member states, warning of possible Moscow’s actions.

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Some sources heard by the newspaper stated that a Russian military train from the nuclear division, the unit responsible for the storage and maintenance of nuclear munitions, left for Ukraine. The alleged test could take place in the Black Sea.

Andrew Futter, a professor at the University of Leicester and an expert on atomic weapons, said the Russian action represented a warning from Putin to the West.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow did not want to surrender to “the nuclear rhetoric of the Western media and politicians”.

Zelensky and the CIA

Ukrainska Pravda reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky approved the resolution stating that it is impossible to negotiate with his Russian counterpart.

Following the measure, approved by the Ukrainian president, Peskov said the Kremlin “hopes that Kiev will change its mind” or that “the country’s new president will change this position”.

Meanwhile, CIA Director Bill Burns said in an interview with CBS that Putin could be “pretty dangerous and reckless” if cornered.

10/04/2022 12:02

source: Noticias

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