What are the public holidays in the United States in 2022?

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Agenda planning is important and more when taking into account the schedule holidays that 2022 has for the United States. There are 12 holidays in which to rest, although it should be emphasized that not all holidays are days of rest.

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A clear example is the groundhog daythe St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and Valentine’s Daywhere holidays also take place, but are not marked as mandatory holidays.

An interesting fact about the festivities in the North American country is that, due to the existing cultural diversity, they are not always on the same date and there are some that are only celebrated in some states, depending on the customs of their residents. There are places where important days for Latins are commemorated, others where dates stand out for Americans, and yet another group where both are combined.

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For example, the days of Holy Week are celebrated in states with a strong Catholic tradition such as Texas, or the day of Kamehameha, which is commemorated only in Hawaii; while in Alaska Sewards Day is celebrated.

In addition, some dates vary every year, as is the case with Labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday of September, regardless of the day; Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, which in 2022 will fall on the 24th of the month.

Holiday calendar 2022 in the United States

  • Saturday 1st January – New Year’s Eve
  • Monday 17th January – Martin Luther King Day
  • Monday 21 February – President’s Day
  • Monday 30 May – Remembrance Day
  • Monday 4th July – Independence Day
  • Monday 5th September – Labor Day
  • Monday 10 October – Columbus Day
  • Friday 11 November – Veterans Day
  • Thursday, November 24 – Thanksgiving
  • Sunday 25 December – Christmas
  • Monday 26 December – Christmas holidays
  • Saturday 31 December – New Year’s Eve

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