This is how the “Green Goblins”, the gang of women who terrorized the New York subway, steal

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It operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is the largest urban public transit system in the United States and one of the largest in the world, with only underground roads that exceed 1,100 kilometers in length and in its bowels it mobilizes, on average, to nearly 6,000,000 people a day. And he new york subway, and it’s also the biggest box of surprises in the Big Apple. If not, let the passengers who yesterday were attacked by the “Gang Green Goblin” inside a wagon.

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Users witnessed a delusional and dangerous violence scene after a group of women dressed in tight neon green leggings boarded a car to steal their belongings from passengers.

It is a gang that the press and the citizens of Manhattan have dubbed the “Green Goblin Gang”, whose members violently assaulted at least two female passengers inside the Times Square Station.

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The first attack occurred on October 2 at 2am, but the news is only now going viral. video of the attack

One of the victims, 19, was standing on a train on 42nd Street with her friend when several women covered up. with green clothes they ripped off her bag. The video shows at least 10 criminals participating in the attack.

The recording shows how the attackers viciously beat both girls and even hit them against the wall and floor of the car. Eventually, the thieves escaped with the bag and a cellphone. Although some members of the group wore no masks, They have not been identified.

The group of attackers also attacked a woman and a man who decided to approach to help the victims during the sudden attack.

The young woman whose purse was stolen refused medical treatment at the scene, according to information shared by the New York Police Department.

She and the other victim went to the hospital to undergo several scans to assess the damage from the shots. Both were left with bruises on their arms and legs, and one of them was even bitten in the shoulder, according to testimony from her family.

The mother of the 19-year-old girl attacked strongly criticized the other passengers who, instead of helping their daughter, remained in their place and recorded the scene.

All these men sitting there shooting videos and watching, and none of them helped as a group of 10 women beat two girls, ”he angrily told the media and also appealed to the governor Kathy Hochul and state legislators to enforce laws that punish this type of venture.

Source: Clarin

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