The 6 alternative Latin artists asking for a clue

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Although reggaeton and trap are considered the dominant Latin genres at the moment, there is an alternate element driving these sounds into the future.

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Puerto Rican superstar bad bunny he turned to the gang The Maria to present their hit album, A summer without you . Or even the Mexican-American teenager Danny Lux is bringing out traditional Mexican ballads with a classic rock influence.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as to how alternative and Latin music collide in interesting ways. And more and more artists are encouraged to bet on new rhythms.

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The Maria

After years of working in music festivals, The Maria he distinguished himself with the debut of his album Cinema. Throughout the lineup, the singer Maria Zardoja She proudly represents her Puerto Rican roots by singing in English and Spanish. She fascinated her followers with the lyrics of A million Y All I really want is you.

This year, the indie rock ensemble continued to thrive, even earning their first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 with Bad Bunny on the sublime. another sunsetwhich combined excellent guitar chords with reggaeton rhythms.


Mariangela represents Mexico in the Latin alternative music scene throughout Texas. The Monterrey native, who later moved to San Antonio, started on YouTube by posting covers of Lana Del Rey and Mexican alternative icon Carla Morrison.

Earlier this year, Mariangela signed with Sony Music Latin and released her debut single, The Exuberant “HimalayaBut that all changed when Morrison’s Texas gigs opened soon after.

Now Mariangela is channeling Depeche Mode on her latest release, the beautiful “dream of you“. As in another of his inspirations, Hayley Williams in”when it rains“of the Paramores, Mariangela dedicates a serenade to a loved one who unfortunately took his own life.

Alvaro Diaz

Alvaro Diaz has managed to take reggaeton to places it has never been before. On his hit album, Happy country, the Puerto Rican singer and rapper blended elements of rock, jazz and hip-hop into the project. Díaz’s imaginative mind as a producer and artist created incredible and futuristic fusions of reggaeton.

Perhaps his most electric moment so far is the pop-punk theme. “Ramona Flowers”Díaz’s ode to Scott Pilgrim against the world, which anticipated his next album Sayonara.


After writing hits for pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Shakira and Cardi Bfirst name storm begins to resonate in the industry. Earlier this year, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter signed with Sony Music Latin and released her debut single, “immature“, where he mixed the rhythms of reggaeton of your island with elements pop punk.

From the very first moment he decided to create his own alternative style, like his simple one “Matters”. Backed up by a guitar blast, she sings about solving relationship problems with some makeup sex.

Pol Granch

Pol Granch became world famous last year as part of the remix of “Shooting”, from Marco followed with Raww Alexander. With that success, people became familiar with her adorably distinct Spanish and French accent. Last year, the Madrid native found angst in his voice with a string of rock hits.

Granch launched in 2022 with the maximum emo of “Krino”. That love song was followed by the heartbreaking ballad “It wasn’t enough for you, my heart.” The artist channeled his frustrations at not living up to a relationship into a scream that ripped through the guitars. its rebirth pop punk meets the club-ready rhythms “Only for you”which will be released on October 28th.

Mau and Ricky

The next musical project by Mau and Ricky Sara “degenerate”, which they define as “genderless”. Although the Venezuelan brothers don’t want to limit themselves to just one rhythm, they have played Latin genres such as reggaeton and Mexican regional music with rock influences, especially on their latest album, Refresh.

His most recent songs include the seductive “bad habit” with the Argentine singer Maria Becerra and the frenetic “It can not be” next to the rapper Eladio Carogna.

Mau and Ricky drive into their lane, cooling every sound along the way.

Source: Clarin

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