Argentines, beware: FIFA is a statement on what can and cannot be done in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

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The Organizing Committee of the Qatar 2022 World Cup He denied today through his social networks some bans that had gone viral in recent days for visitors, and have ensured it “Everyone is invited to visit Qatar”.

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Among the bans for the great event of world football there were pornography, homosexuality, public displays of affection and alcohol consumption. However, from “Road to 2022 ″ have highlighted that this information it’s incorrect and that an official guide will be published shortly.

“The graphic piece entitled “Qatar welcomes you” which has been disseminated on social networks does not come from any official source and contains incorrect information. We strongly urge fans and visitors to rely solely on the tournament organisation’s official sources for travel advice for the event, “reads the official statement released today in multiple languages.

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“The Supreme Delivery and Inheritance Committee and FIFA will publish shortly a comprehensive guide for fans who question much of the information circulating, “he adds.

“The tournament organizers made it clear from the start that everyone is welcome to visit Qatar and enjoy the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qatar has always been an open, tolerant and welcoming nation. International fans and visitors during the World Cup will be able to experience it firsthand. “

Qatar ready to receive millions of tourists for the FIFA World Cup

Qatar finalizes all the details and prepares receive millions of tourists from mid-November for the FIFA World Cup which will be played between Sunday 20 of this month and 18 December.

According to data published so far by FIFA, around 1$ 0.696 million to host the World Cup event, a figure that included the construction practically from scratch of most stadiums, new hotels and accommodation, a new metro system and the expansion of Hamad International Airport, among other things .

The organizing country hopes to raise an even higher figure with tourism attracting a competition the size of a World Cup. The estimated number of earnings would be 17,000 million dollars.

Source: Clarin

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