The diva who came to Netflix told when she sang to Pablo Escobar

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The new Netflix reality show, “Always queens “ premiered this week and brings together four Mexican actresses with great careers who will share untold details of their lives with each other. They are the same thing Laura Zapata, Lorena Herrera, Lucía Méndez and Sylvia Pasquel.

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In the first few episodes, the anecdote of the fight he had with Madonna never Lucia Mendez at a concert in Miami.

La Diva from Mexico recalled that topic with one of her assistants but confessed that it was nothing compared to the day she sang for Pablo Escobarone of the most important drug traffickers in the world.

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According to the singer of “Heart of stone”, he once made a presentation without knowing that the famous Colombian drug lord would attend. As she was about to appear on stage, her mother took her to her step and told her that he was sitting right in front of her.

Mendez revealed on the program that after her interpretation the criminal managed to intercept her to greet her and make some offers. “We were already leaving, but Mr. Pablo Escobar greeted us. I was speechless. It was such a strong and impressive adrenaline rush; It’s one of the times I’ve been most afraid, ”she said.

The protagonist of countless soap operas expressed that Escobar “put himself at her service” and even gave her his phone number in case of any emergency she or a relative might have, she also remarked that “he would always be a friend. ”

Source: Clarin

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