Pro-Russian hackers attacked several US airports: how did they disconnect websites

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The websites of several major US airports were briefly down on Monday due to a cyber attack which was promoted by a group of pro-Russian hackers.

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Specifically, it was an attack of denial of service (DDOS, for its acronym in English), which consists of disconnecting a website via flood it with exaggerated amounts of traffic to make it collapse.

The pro-Russian hacker group, known as KillNet, has posted a list of pages to encourage his followers to attack them. Shortly thereafter, the airport portals of several large cities were hit, such as Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and St. Louis.

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According to specialists, only the public part of the websites it offers suffered complications. flight information and serviceswhile there were no impacts on management.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport reported that its page is “up and running after an incident early this morning that made it inaccessible to the public.” And he concluded: “An investigation into the cause of the accident is underway. At no time were operations at the airport affected”.

Far from being an isolated incident, KillNet last week claimed responsibility for the attacks against various US government websitesalso targeting other countries that oppose the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The KillNet cyber attack on the Eurovision music competition won by Ukraine

Several KillNet cyberattacks during the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 which ended last Saturday night, May 14, in the city of Turin with the victory of Ukraine, through the Kalush Orchestra, with their song “Stephania”.

The attempts, carried out by the “hackers” of the Killnet collective and its “Legion” branch during the voting phase and at other times of the musical event held at the Olympic Palace in Turin, were aborted by the Italian police.

Faced with this panorama, the police have strengthened their collaboration with RAI Public Television “a ensure safety during international events.

“The preventive activity carried out by the police on the basis of art analysis of the information taken from the Telegram chats of the pro-Russian groupit also made it possible to deduce important safety information, already shared with RAI for the prevention of new critical events “, he said in a statement.

The police activated an operations room dedicated to Eurovision, in which police technicians and specialists from the National Cybercrime Center for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CNAIPIC) worked 24 hours a day, which made it possible to neutralize cyber attacks.

In total, the operation included over 1,000 hours of follow-up with the intervention of over 100 specialistswhich monitored the network and analyzed billions of IT data from the various social platforms.

“During the activities, they carried out millions of compromising IP data scanswhich made it possible to issue important procedures, thanks to which the attacks were mitigated and repelled, “the police said in that statement.

Furthermore, it was reported that they rejected several DDOS-type cyber attacks directed against the network infrastructures during voting operations e interpretation of songs.

Based on the analysis of the evidence, the police CNAIPIC identified several “PC-Zombies” used for cyber attackswhile subsequent analyzes and research have outlined the geographic map of attacks from abroad.

With information by AFP.


Source: Clarin

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