He teaches to climb trees and behave like monkeys: he charges 10 euros per class and has more than 50 students

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As is well known, Tarzan is a fictional character created more than a century ago. But the fascination he has generated does not let him fall into oblivion. The story of him has been told both in novels, as in dozens of movies and television series. He is immortal, almost like Zorro.

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And yes, “if it happens in movies it happens in real life”. Because the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs entered Barcelonain Spain, to an exponent of his incredible adventures.

This is Víctor Manuel Fleites, a man of Cuban origin known in Barcelona for doing Tarzan lessons to his students for 10 euros. In them she teaches to emulate the movements of the famous character by climbing and descending the branches of trees as if he were a monkey.

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Fleites settled in the famous Parque de la Ciudadela in Barcelona, ​​where he can be seen climbing trees and teaching his students to become this popular character by emulating his movements.

A concept created by Fleites himself and called dal Tarzan movementin which he mixes sports disciplines with mental ones suitable for everyone’s limits.

We move like animalss, branch to branch. It is a practice in which you play sports, but you disconnect and identify with nature ”, he explains to Versió Rac1.

To do this, the Tarzan of Barcelona found a series of trees near the greenhouse of the park with very accessible branches to jump from side to side and roll on the ground, a place that has become “the school tree”.

A unique craft that has not been slow to give something to talk about and also to be criticized for, for which the ape-man assures the aforementioned medium that “the people who criticize me should come. Climbing the tree forces you to do a kind of movement that man has already forgotten. “

Meanwhile, his student community continues to grow and now it is with more than 50 monkey apprentices in his Whatsapp group who train with him in the school tree with a single purpose: “Create a different habit of life”.

“Get together, train, share, what we keep moving by imitating those primates the closest ”, closes the Tarzan of Barcelona in El Periódico.

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