‘Real Vampire’ Sleeps in Coffin, Explains Why He Doesn’t Drink Blood

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Andreas bathroom, youA self-proclaimed young Englishman decided to describe his life in Transylvania and explained that what he calls “real vampires” is very different from what you’re used to seeing on film and television. He claims that these beings often walk among us unnoticed.

The vampire claims that the warlord Vlad Tepes, known as Vlad Dracula, visited him in a dream and told him about life on the Bran Castle estate in Transylvania. Barhory recently spoke to The Mirror about his ‘vampirism’.

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The young man claims to have found peace by sleeping in a coffin and his hope is to open a hotel in Transylvania for others like himself. “The modern vampire community is now very focused on the ‘material nature of life,’ and sexual practices are based on human instincts, like human emotions,” he said.

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He was clear in emphasizing that others had “nothing” to the practice he chose to follow, even if they didn’t share the same focus on the tradition he claims to have.

Andreas follows a famous set of traditions in urban legends, but says he doesn’t drink blood and discourages people from doing so because it’s a “health hazard” and a “dangerous spiritual practice.”

He says that blood isn’t really necessary to keep a vampire alive, because blood is just a “metaphor for the life force.” mythology.

Coffin sleep and other traditions

According to him, vampires need not be afraid of sunlight, crosses, garlic or mirrors. But some still enjoy sleeping in coffins, including himself, and say the app helps them connect with unseen forces.

“I have a beautiful new coffin and I’m thinking of opening a small hotel for vampires in Transylvania soon. For other people, the experience can be surprising and also therapy for those who fear death.

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“I don’t talk to anyone I know about my vampirism. It’s too dangerous to do that. It takes people with a very high level of understanding,” Andreas said.

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“When I want some peace and quiet, or when I want to meditate and recharge for a few days, I sleep in my coffin. For years I’ve done extensive research on the existence of vampires, sleeping in coffins and spending days in cemeteries.” According to him, it helped him connect with many “invisible forces.”

Types of Vampires

Andreas went on to explain that “there are many hierarchies at varying levels of evolution” within the vampire community. He says that vampirism includes many stages or levels. There are those who are very close to human nature, who try to adapt to a certain style or escape from reality by role-playing. Some say they live in a fantasy.

“Others are born with the ability to draw energy from other people, and many do so unconsciously. Another category is those who are involved in a combination of human traits that live by practicing vampirism as a spiritual path, but are also vampires at times and other times. They fluctuate between the two.” he adds.

“Here in Transylvania, for centuries, we have been seeking more than just human nature, human desires and lusts.”
Andreas bathroom

He even claims that there are those who have the gifts and powers of a higher vibration. They are from the category of vampires who eventually turn away from humans and often do so because their level of understanding and vibration is very different from the rest of the world.

“We also have another category in Transylvania called Moroi and Strigoi, and it is also called the ‘undead’. This phenomenon happens when there are immortal beings from the unseen world, people who have recently died to use their bodies to return to the material world, but “They feed on the life force of humans. The life force that appears as blood in vampire myths,” he concludes.

11/01/2022 08:33

source: Noticias

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