Jennifer López a la Pamela Anderson: the perfect look to commemorate the 90s

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Jennifer Lopez She is one of the most successful and talented female artists in the United States and gives a lot to talk about when on stage. The Bronx diva shines with her good taste and her elegant style when she chooses her clothes, makeup or hairstyle.

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The singer is not afraid of criticism, and on many occasions she has worn hairstyles that have become iconic looks. In 1997 she was in the spotlight of hers with her smooth curls, then in 1999 she sported a blunt straight cut and in the 2000s she was a riot with her abundant mane.

However, JLO never tires of innovating, and tried to show off with a look that was recently back in fashion and that Pamela Anderson wore in the 90s. On her Instagram profile, she showed that she wore it for a photo shoot with the fashion brand Coach, and her followers reacted promptly.

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Stylist Chris Appleton, in collaboration with his partners Danielle Priano and Nero, managed to create a hairstyle with messy curls on top, drooping locks and chunky bangs.

How to make Pamela Anderson’s sandwich?

The TikTok app is full of tutorials for creating Pamela Anderson’s hairstyle, but most of them come to the following conclusion:

  1. Shape messy curls in your hair and tie them up with a rubber band, leaving bangs or two strands to frame your face.
  2. Assemble a bun and secure it with invisible buckles, leaving some ends out.
  3. Curl the ends again and clip them into the bun.
  4. Loosen the bun so it’s fluffy and you can give it an effect smooth bun.
  5. Finish the look by adding volume to the bangs with a blow dryer and spray generously with hairspray.

Source: Clarin

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