Aaron Carter is dead: Hilary Duff’s emotional message, the love of her adolescence

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Hilary Duff reacted on her social networks to the news of the death of musician Aaron Carter at the age of 34. The actress, who dated him for three years in her teens, wrote an emotional message.

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“To Aaron, I am deeply sorry that life has been so difficult for you and that you have had to fight in front of the whole world. You had an absolutely effervescent charm … My teenage self loved you dearly. Send love to your family right now. Rest assured, “said the 35-year-old artist.

They both started dating in 2000, when they were 13 and young celebrities. They continued their relationship for three years intermittently until Carter approached the actress. Lindsay Lohan.

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In 2006, in CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Carter admitted that he started dating and dating Lindsay because he was “a little bored” with Hilary. Likewise, he also acknowledged that Duff “really broke his heart” and that he felt “sorry” about it.

“I will spend the rest of my life trying to improve so that I can get back with her. I don’t care what ANYONE thinks of you, “Carter wrote in a 2014 tweet.

When she met Aaron, Hilary had not yet starred in the 2001 Disney Channel series that would make her famous around the world: Lizzie McGuire.

He made his television debut in 1997 in the miniseries Real Woman and then, the following year, he had played a small part in the film passionate hearts.

However, his most notable roles until then had been in films Casper meets Wendy Y The collector of soulssince 1999.

However, Carter and Duff dated for more than two years as she shone on the Disney series.

The couple’s message

On the other hand, who was the current partner of the singer and mother of his son, Melanie Martinhe also publicly expressed his feelings after learning of Carter’s death.

“My fiance Aaron Carter is dead. I love Aaron with all my heart and it will be a journey to raise a son without a father, “began Martin.

“I ask that family privacy be respected as we come to terms with the loss of someone we love very much. We are still in the process of coming to terms with this unfortunate reality. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.”

Aaron Carter’s death

According to sites TMZ and The Hollywood Reporter, the singer and actor was found dead this Saturday at his home in Lancaster, California. As reported by TMZ, the agents received a call to the emergency services and went to the scene.

According to the statements of the police themselves, the phone call they received was given at 11 am in which they were informed that “a man drowned in the bathtub“.

His brother Nick was part of the Back street kids and Aaron has managed to make a career of his own: at the age of nine he launched himself as a singer. It was thanks to his self-titled album that he achieved great fame in 1997, touring the world as a young star.

At the moment, neither Nick nor the Backstreet Boys have spoken out on their official social networks.

Source: Clarin

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