Video: He bought a cage full of parrots and released them in the middle of the road

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Some people always want to help animals, and this is demonstrated by a man who bought a cage full of parrots only to free them in the middle of the road, as seen in a video posted on TikTok by user @ adrianlabrada7.

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In the viral material it can be seen that the birds are crammed into the metal structure, so the man, wearing white pants and a striped shirt, shakes them on the sidewalk with the intention that they go out and take flight.

The birds didn’t waste a moment: at least three of them flapped their wings freely as soon as they had the chance.

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“What a wonderful gesture, but what a barbaric how they kept them all in a small cage”; “I love it, I wish we all had the same will” and “what a big wave, thank you” were some of the repercussions on social networks.

The video does not indicate when and where it was shot, but it was a hit on the networks; obtained at least 16 million views,

In Argentina there are some that are allowed as pets. They are those that come from authorized hatcheries and that are not found free in the nature of our country. Examples include canaries, manons, diamonds and Australian parrots.

The marketing of wild birds – also called autochthonous or indigenous – and which are illegally extracted from the wild to be sold is prohibited. They cannot and should not be considered pets, since the living conditions that we can offer them in our homes are not optimal for their development.

Source: Clarin

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