Portal 11/11/22: what is its meaning and what energies does it mobilize

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East 11/11/2022 one opens energy portal. As in these cases, the Universe brings us a gift, a magic circle that widens powerful energies. In addition, it generates a great power of attractionhe confronts us with the transitions and tells us about them energies of change.

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East energy portal Will remain open for 11 days and will be available for us to fulfill our deeper desires and goals.

Since we are in the Scorpio cycle, which connects directly with sex, this Portal want increase energy on what we look forward to.

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What is an energy portal

A Portal it’s a universal connection strong with streams of Power for the greatest union of those who have the ability to feel it.

When that happens, it’s days when the the earthly and etheric worlds mergewhich means that there is a greater exchange of information and data to our consciousness, increasing the perception and creativity.

The energy portals enclose possibility of change for our evolution and opportunities to generate major changes. These doors go up vibrations who interfere in our earthly plane cooperating to receive Light and further expand our consciousness.

Portal 11/11/2022: your energy according to Numerology

The Portal of 11/11/2022 it streamlines desires, goals and increases the concentration we need for everything to come true.

Our mission is to think about how we perceive ourselves, how we see ourselves. How come? Why the number 11 leads us to see each other. In his mirror energy We will find that many times we are “through others” in our stories, in bonds, in what hurts us and also in what heals us.

And what about the 2022? The current year will do it change or add other energies to the Portal.

Recall that the The portals are synchronicities and numerical vibrations which provide a universal connection. And that always in Pythagorean Numerology the numbers are reduced to a single digit.

So if we add 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 the the result is 6. Here’s how this number is added Connection. This number invites us to Join usa to reconcile; It invites us to express what we feel and to be responsible if we make decisions.

Portal 11/11/2022: awareness day

When the opening of a energy portal and we are witnesses of the soul of this event, we begin to “know” more and better what it is.

In this date let’s break the limitswe think and perceive beyond what is near, we look into the distance, with a broader perspective, and we begin to move away from our own ego.

The proposal for this day of Portal 11/11/2022 is that we meditate. The idea is that we open ourselves to receiving these signals in different ways without rationalizing what we feel. that we it will connect with the Cosmos and miracles will be possible.

11/11/2022 Portal Ritual

On this date we can do a ritual very easy to connect concretion energy.

First, we must find a lonely and quiet place where there are no noises that interrupt our mind. Since we will need our energy to be empowered, we will use it incense and citrus oils.

With mantras or music according to rituals, we will search in our mind for a desire that we must materialize. We write it on a piece of paper which, once finished, we will anoint with rose or jasmine oil.

At that moment we will say: “May this wish come true by taking the light from the Portal which will accelerate everything in my life, for I am abundant in love, health and work. It is done.”

Then, we keep it in a dark cloth bag in a dark place that nobody knows, for 9 days. After this time, we burn it and throw the ashes into a drain where the water flows.

Now yes, wait for the 11/11/2022 Portal energies to act!

Nadir Otermin Hamed. Master in Complementary Therapies and Tips. Courses and sessions all year round. On Instagram: @consultorioholisticonadir

Source: Clarin

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