How do I know if my dog ​​has a fever?

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take care of a dog It requires commitment and attention. In general, it is important to ensure a healthy diet, promote physical activity and encourage their socialisation. But also watch for signs of illness. How to know if they have a fever, for example.

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To have a dog it is essential to offer veterinary care and visits aimed at checking its health and improving its quality of life. If it is a newborn puppy, the dog’s care will be continuous, including breastfeeding with mother’s milk or some substitute, and weaning, which begins after four weeks of life and progressively.

But for those who have an elderly or adopted dog as an adult, you have to be patient, affectionate and give him security. The best thing in that case is to take him out for short and frequent walks.

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Dog care is not always within the reach of its owner and going to the vet is necessary in many cases to review one’s state of health and intervene with adequate care. Also, if you have a dog You should visit the vet to give the corresponding vaccinations and determine an appropriate deworming plan for the animal.

fever in dogs

The normal temperature of the dog is between 38 and 39 ºC, therefore A dog is considered to have a fever when its body temperature exceeds 39ºC. Of course, puppies, bitches about to give birth, and senior dogs may not have the usual average temperature.

Fever can be a sign that something is wrong with your dog’s health, so it is very important to realize that your dog has a fever in order to act as soon as possible and provide a solution to the underlying problem that is plaguing him.

The causes of fever are many, as it is one of the mechanisms that the body puts in place to protect itself. That is, the body raises its temperature as a very effective measure of its immune system to protect itself from a pathogen.

Fever can also be caused by a problem with the body itself, so a visit to the vet is essential to evaluate all those aspects that only he is authorized to consider.

The most common causes of fever are an infection (bacterial or viral); a heatstroke; reaction to a vaccine; or the ingestion of any toxic productincluding some plants.

Symptoms that the dog has a fever

Although a fever usually indicates that something is wrong with the body, there are many dogs that have a fever and do not exhibit any symptoms. Others, however, may show intense shaking and vomiting.

The most common symptoms of fever are: very dry and hot nose, lack of appetite and despondent, lethargic and more sleepy than usual.

What to do when a dog has fever?

If your dog is found to have a body temperature between 39 and 41 degrees, You need to take him to the vet as soon as possible.. If it goes above 41 degrees, it’s an emergency.

Your veterinarian is the only person qualified to know how to bring the temperature down dogamong other things why fever is not a diseasebut a symptom that requires an in-depth analysis to discover the causes that produce it.

What you can do at home and wait for the vet is moisten the skin of the abdomen, groin and armpits. Then the temperature should drop in a few minutes.

It is also not advisable to give your dog any fever-reducing medication before your vet sees it, and you should bear in mind that paracetamol and ibuprofen are toxic to animals.

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