They live off natural disasters: treasure hunters who work after hurricanes

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The news is incredible because despite a natural disaster a group of people approaches up to the Florida coast where tornadoes and hurricanes are about to arrive or have already passed.

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These are treasure hunters, led by Jonás Martínez, who take advantage of the chaos and rough seas to find coins, jewelry and artifacts from 18th or 16th century Spanish wrecks.

These hunters have dedicated themselves to scouring the beaches and unearthing brilliant pieces of Treasure Coast history.

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Treasure hunters after hurricanes

Heavy waves from Hurricane Nicole and storm surges eroded the shoreline. But this also lured Jonás Martínez to the coast in search of treasure.

When Mother Nature throws an event that takes sand to an extreme level, that’s when you find the right stuff.“People like to do this, and that’s how things are, and sometimes it’s breakthrough breakthroughs that rewrite history,” Martinez explained on West Palm Beach Television.

Martínez has extensive experience in finding coins, jewelry and artifacts lost in Spanish shipwrecks. “There is no one who writes how to do it”, in the interview. “I feel it in the wind, even in the intensity of the rain.” The truth is, when the storms roll in, he gets to work.

“It’s definitely ‘time to go.’ Hurricanes, cold fronts are great.”said the treasure hunter. “I take advantage of the tidal shift, each cycle during the storm as it builds, as the storm leaves.”

Over the years he has been very successful in finding million dollar Spanish treasures.

The family of treasure hunters who scour natural disasters

Now, Jonas has new company while on the hunt. His 16-year-old daughter, Kaylee, joins him for beach hairdos.

“Hurricane Ian was the first time I took my dad to the beach,” Kaylee said. “I had never found a silver coin. This was like my first coin,” said the young woman. “We were amazed at what we found and we were very surprised.”

After Hurricane Ian, the father and the daughter found not only silver, but also a gold coin.

“I’m shaking because I think: ‘It can not be! Kaylee said. “I opened my hand and there is a small gold coin in my hand. I was blown away“.

So they hope to continue finding items that Hurricane Nicole brought to the surface. In fact, Martinez and other competing treasure hunters have found a wide variety of items over the past couple of days.

There have been many old Spanish coins that have been found recently, various pieces of old shipwrecks, like fasteners, precious stones and different things like that.”Martinez assured.

He said they are not looking for value, but are working to unearth and collect pieces of history. The dream of this man, who arrived in Florida from Latin America, is to find an extraordinary piece.

“This continues to happen on the Treasure Coast, as we call this area of ​​Florida that is not performing well on each of our risky searches,” Treasure Search concluded.

Source: Clarin

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