November holidays in Argentina: when is it, what is commemorated and how much is paid?

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With the closing of the year just a month and a few days away, the holidays are approaching. However still some holidays left to enjoy a short trip, stay at home or even work for an extra income.

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The next holiday is last of November: the 20th of this month is celebrated on National Sovereignty Dayin commemoration of Battle of the Forced Returnin 1845.

What was the Vuelta de Obligado?

On this date the battle in which the The Argentine army defeated the Anglo-French fleet in the river waters parana. The name comes from the place in the river where it happened, a bend where the channel is narrower. In that place is the city of Obligedof the party of Saint Peter.

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However, given that in this 2022 the November 20 falls on a Sundaythe national government has decided to add a tourist vacation the Monday 21 Novemberideal for a short break.

Also, that 20 coincidentally is the opening of the World Cup in Qatar 2022although the Argentina national team will only play the tuesday 22.

Upcoming holidays in Argentina

After the holidays of November 20 and 21, there are three public holidays more in this 2022:

  • December 8th: Immaculate Conception
  • December 9th: holiday for tourist purposes
  • 25th December: Christmas

How do you pay for holidays if you work that day?

In Argentina, in case of work a holiday the worker You will have to earn a double dayin accordance with the provisions of law 20.744 on employment contracts.

To calculate the payment during a vacation, it is necessary Divide a month’s salary by 30 and subtract one day, which is the holiday. At the same time, you also need to do this divide the salary amount by 25.

Source: Clarin

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