Breaking To Tears: A Young Woman Sent Her Ex Boyfriend A Truck Full Of Onions, So He Cries As Much As She Does

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For the young chinese zahoHer boyfriend’s decision to end their relationship and embark on a new course was drastic and inexplicable.

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So, for him to experience the same sensations, she thought of an excessive and irrational childbirth.

“I cried for three days, now it’s your turn,” he wrote in the message delivered by the driver of the truck who brought a thousand kilos of onions to his home, his full load capacity.

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The particular story, which happened some time ago, has gone viral again in the last few hours.

The eye-catching gift arrived at the boy’s home, located in a residential complex in the Chinese city of Shandong.

The delivery man, following his client’s instructions, spent more than four hours unloading the onions at the door of the residence. “Just toss the onions at the front door,” the girl reportedly said.

As Zhao said in a news note, he reportedly told his friends that he wasn’t hurt by the breakup. This would have triggered his anger<.>

Later, Zhao’s ex-boyfriend told Shandong Net that he broke up with the young woman because of her “exaggerated behavior.” “My ex girlfriend was very dramatic. She tells everyone I haven’t shed a single tear since our breakup.”

The repercussions continued. A neighbor added to reporters: ‘I don’t know if her ex-boyfriend cried, but I definitely cried! This whole complex smells like onions.”

Source: Clarin

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