Two-year-old starved: his father died and no one noticed

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A 2-year-old boy identified as Count David he died of starvation earlier this year after being left alone after his father died of natural causes in the apartment they lived in in New York City, authorities said on Tuesday.

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David Conde Sr., 59, and his son were found dead on February 15 in his Geneva apartment, about 60 kilometers southeast of Rochester.

According to the Ontario Sheriff’s Office, the father died of cardiovascular disease and the boy starved to death days later.

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“Mr. Condé is believed to have died first, and the child could not eat any food after his father’s death.”concluded the sheriff.

NBC News reported that both were last seen alive on Jan. 22, and investigators found no signs of forced entry into the apartment or suspicion of a crime.

The family members reported it they hadn’t heard from them for about a week and searches by authorities have begun, Univisión reported.

The police began a search of the father’s house, but the front door was locked and they had to force entry.

The two were found together in the bedroom of the apartment, the father on the bed and the boy next to him, according to Ontario County Sheriff David Cirencione.

“It was a very difficult scene to work with, for all the first responders who had to go in there. This is not something we see every day. It’s not nice. It was a very disturbing scene,” Cirencione said.

David Conde was given custody of the baby shortly after his birth. The mother was somewhat distant from the minor and they had had no recent contact, Univisión indicated

Source: The Vanguard

Source: Clarin

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