Brazilian couple flight attendants caught with drugs during flight and arrested in Miami

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Two Brazilian flight attendants, who are also boyfriends, were arrested at Miami International Airport (USA) on Tuesday, 15th, on charges of drug trafficking.

According to American broadcaster NBC, 44-year-old Marcelo Chaves and 35-year-old Ronald Maldonado were arrested while carrying liquid ketamine, GBL (known as a rape drug) and methamphetamine.

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Miami police also reported that they both work for Delta Air Lines and reside in New York.

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According to reports, a US Customs and Border Patrol officer randomly checked on two flight attendants after they arrived on an American Airlines flight.

During the checkup, the agent found 14 methamphetamine pills, as well as bottles containing liquid ketamine and GBL.

According to a report by the authorities, during the deposition, Marcelo Chaves said that he and his boyfriend Ronald Maldonado had used drugs in Brazil, but did not know how the substances got in the bottles.

The two men were arrested by the authorities and sent to prison. HE UOL tries to contact family members of the commissioners to comment on the case and will update the article if there is a manifestation.

A Delta spokesperson said in a press release that the incident occurred while two people were off duty. Chaves and Maldonado were grounded.

“Delta continues to cooperate with law enforcement and the two flight attendants in question have been suspended pending the conclusion of the investigation,” the statement said.

21.11.2022 10:56

source: Noticias

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