Emergency pilot lowers plane upside down on US coast

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On November 15, in Florida, United States, a pilot who took his plane upside down after his vehicle malfunctioned was uninjured.

Tiktoker Joseph Cook recorded the moment he found the pilot on the beach of Anastasia shortly after landing. The influencer reported hearing a noise and seeing a plane crash on his nose on the beach, according to USA Today.

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In the footage, Joseph is seen digging something in the sand and when he hears a noise he starts running shouting “Oh my God, my God, someone has fallen”.

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When he lifts the camera, a small yellow airplane can be seen lying upside down in the sand with several people standing, including the pilot.

The pilot explained that he was flying over the area hit by Hurricane Nicole to assess the damage done when the plane’s engine began to fail. This forced the pilot to glide the plane and lower it into the water to avoid harming the shore walkers. The plane capsized during the landing attempt.

Joseph reported: “I heard [o avião] it crashes into the water, but before that I heard nothing. “I looked and saw that the plane had turned upside down,” he said.

21.11.2022 11:21

source: Noticias

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