His cell phone was stolen and he took his revenge by running over the thief

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Cell phone thefts don’t distinguish between country, city, time or place. In the last few hours, a crime on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, has gone viral due to the attitude taken by the person attacked: he chased the criminal and ran over him with a motorcycle.

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A security camera in a car traveling near the castle of San Felipe de Barajas captured the exact moment the motorcyclist passed the car and stopped next to the victim who was also driving another motorcycle .

The motorcyclist notes that the woman has something of value, then slows down the bike and snatches her cell phone. However, the thief didn’t count on his victim also speeding up behind him, to strike him.

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Given the situation, the woman decided to take justice into her own hands, accelerated to reach the subject and hit him from behind, causing him to the man fell off his motorcycle and was left lying on the sidewalk.

Unsurprisingly, the video received a slew of comments celebrating the woman’s dangerous reaction.

“My respects to the lady”, “This girl is very brave” and “Very brave”, were some of the messages that were written on social networks.

violence on the streets

Since November 11, declared civic day in Cartagena to commemorate the independence of the city, the festive bridge has begun which has left multiple victims for various crimes.

While many enjoyed the traditional festivities, the authorities haven’t stopped receiving gripping complaints robberies, brawls, murders and even a shooting in different parts of the city.

Source: Clarin

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