The story of the mother who didn’t wait for the verdict and killed the rapist of her 7-year-old daughter

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Marianne Bachmeier I was 31 and had nothing to lose when he got behind his daughter’s rapist and murderer and shot him eight times in the back.

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His guess was that there were eight bullets (one didn’t come out) and that Klaus Grabowski look at her face while she did it. She wanted him to recognize her and for his last living picture of her to be a close up of her face.

On March 6, 1981, the largest case of hypocrisy occurred in West Germany.

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Bachmeier left no room for doubts: he entered the Court of Lübeck, stood behind the defendant and decisively emptied -almost- an entire Beretta M1934 on him. Seven dry booms were i fade of the judged man.

“Pig! He killed my daughter… I wanted to shoot him in the face, but I shot him in the back… I hope he’s dead,” Bachmeier was quoted as saying at the time. It took Grabowski two minutes to die.

The case was very media oriented. The details of the story – without gray areas – reached many neighborhood conversations and the media around the world at the time.

Seconds after Marianne released the main septet, two people lowered her. That March 6, 1981, the mother of Anna she was arrested and charged with murder.

The following year, in statements before justice, he said he shot Grabowski in a trance. She didn’t believe her and for this reason in 1983 she was sentenced to six years in prison.

the painful 1980

Anna was assassinated on May 5, 1980.. Marianne waited a year to take her revenge. A vengeance, we said, meditated and cold like each of the most relevant moments of this macabre case.

It was after attending the first two hearings of the murderer’s trial that he finally stopped holding the impulse from the arm holding the Beretta.

The day Anna was lost forever, Marianne had let her miss school so she could play in her backyard. She didn’t imagine that the girl, instead of standing next to her, would run to Grabowski, her butcher, because he had promised her that if he went to visit her he would let her play with her cats.

The fateful May 5, the beast he kidnapped the girl for hours, repeatedly raped her and strangled her to death.

At the same time Marianne reported her daughter missing, the killer placed Anna’s body in a box, carried the makeshift coffin to the edge of a canal, and waited until sunset to bury her unseen.

We repeat: it is a case without greys. It only took Grabowski a handful of hours to tell his girlfriend what he had done. aware or not, dug his own grave. His partner ran to report him while the other got drunk in a bar.

In the hands of the police, the butcher confessed to his crime and indicated where he had left the body. Sure: He did not admit that he raped the girl.

The version that Grabowski kept until the impact of the bullets from Marianne’s gun was extremely cruel: the killer always claimed that Anna (yes, Anna, the 7-year-old girl) had tried to seduce and blackmail him. The butcher said the girl had asked him for money so as not to tell her mother that she had touched her.

Grabowski killed her, she said, because she didn’t want to go back to prison.

The man – important information – had already been jailed for sexually abusing two girls. In 1976 they had undergone chemical castration and he, some time later, had managed to reverse it with hormonal treatment.

The release of Marianne

Anna’s mother was released from prison three years after entering. He has completed three of the six. His trial and subsequent incarceration and release divided public opinion.

Once free, she emigrated to Nigeria and married a German professor, whom she divorced in 1990. During that decade she lived in Sicily, Italy, and finally returned to Lübeck, a theater of terror.

There, in the land where he would die of a serious illness in September 1996, he spoke about the case for the first time. He said he did so after careful consideration to keep Grabowski from continuing to say that his daughter had attempted to seduce him.

Grabowski was a 35-year-old butcher, convicted sex offender and murderer. Marianne, German daughter of a Waffen-SS Nazi and absent mother. She, in turn, was the mother of three children, two of whom were forced to be adopted – one of which was the result of rape – and one, the third and last, her name was Anna.

Source: Clarin

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