She was a nurse, opened an OnlyFans and now they pay her a fortune to see her flexible thumbs: “I’m hypersexual”

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Allie, a nurse from the United States, confined to the intensive care unit (ICU), who was fired after her classmates discovered her OnlyFans account, he managed to fetch and earn thousands of dollars a day thanks to a dexterity of his fingers.

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Rae, 38, is a mother of three and a Navy veteran who decided to join the OnlyFans in 2020 after her husband was fired from airlines during the pandemic.

Like many others, they were looking for extra money due to loss of income.

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Allie Rae has found her fans’ appeal in a fetish for her fingers

We left teaching to enter the adult industry and are now making a fortune. Unfortunately, the hospital he worked for didn’t support his extracurricular activities,” he told the Daily Star newspaper.

They fired me because I became a distraction to the unit after five nurses found my OnlyFans and started telling everyone about it,” Allie added.

“I felt completely humiliated because it was one hundred percent secret and I never wanted anyone to know what I was doing in my private life., but they did everything they could to make me lose my job for it. At that point they gave me an ultimatum and I chose to walk away. The environment was toxic,” she said.

Allie Rae ended up making the right decision for her family as her adult career now earns her thousands of dollars a week.

He made $28,000 in just one week thanks to his popularity ” We recorded ourselves having sex with my husband and they are usually the best sellers, as are all my solo videos with sex toys, and also when play with vegetables,” she explains.

Regarding her popularity, Allie notes that “I’m known for my dirty talk and my community loves it in my videos.“.

Allie Rae’s thumb fetish

The young woman has a loyal group of followers and often receives unusual requests from hundreds of them. Most of her have a weakness that she pays thousands of dollars for.

There are many men who seem to be infatuated with their thumbs.

“They ask me for all kinds of pictures of my thumbs curled up doing normal stuff and even sexual stuff,” she explained in the interview.

“They have a fetish for my floppy thumbs. One of them explained to me that his previous wife had bent thumbs but she died, and that condition turned him on and reminded him of his late wife. It made me feel good to be able to help him through a difficult moment with just pictures of my thumbs. Besides, he paid me very well for it.“.

The legal actions that Allie Rae faces for her activity on OnlyFans

Although Allie Rae is thriving, she faces lawsuits every day because of her career. Most of the lawsuits come from people who believe that because they are mothers, they cannot engage in sex work.

Luckily, this 38-year-old woman won’t let other people’s opinions stop her from doing what she wants. “I don’t like labels, I have a very free spirit and I’m a very good mom, nothing has changed in that sense.“, She said.

And the former nurse concluded: “I’ve always been hypersexual, and it’s nice to finally have a place where I can express that, Because in my normal day-to-day life as a nurse and a hockey mom, that just wasn’t going to be acceptable.”

Source: Clarin

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