He finds a check for 4.6 million on the street, returns it and receives an embarrassing reward

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A 38-year-old man found a check worth 4.6 million euros while walking down the street. And far from bursting with joy at a stroke of luck, he made up his mind.

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The check, intended for a well-known supermarket chain in Germany, was signed by Haribo sweets and candy companythe one with the gummy bears, says the newspaper ‘Bild’.

Anouar, thus his name, did not attempt to collect the amount or take any actionreports Cadena Ser.

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So it was that he contacted the company to send them his unexpected discovery.

To mediate this strange situation, Haribo’s lawyer asked the man from the city of Frankfurt get rid of the card.

He tore up the check and received a curious reward

The young man kept his word and sent the lawyer proof that he had destroyed the check.

Anouar himself, family and friends probably speculated about receiving a juicy reward or compensation, but none of this happened.

A few days later, as a thank you for the gesture of getting rid of the check, the German received six packs of candy at home.

“It was a pretty cheap reward”recognized the man to a German newspaper.

The company apologized, claiming the attitude was very commendable and kind, but asked to put that into perspective.

“The value of the found item, it was a personalized check and no one but our company could have cashed it“, they explained.

Source: Clarin

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