Chris Farley: The comedian who fought his own hell and died in a skyscraper

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Chris Farley is one of the faces that marked the comedy films of the nineties, became famous in the mythical Saturday night live with skits like motivational speaker Matt Foley and a fat Chippendale dancer.

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Christopher Crosby Farley was born February 15, 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin. He loved making people laugh from an early age, especially as a class clown in his Catholic elementary school.. She later studied theater and communications at Marquette University before joining the Ark Improv theater group and the Improv Olympic Theater in Chicago.

There he was mentored by Del Close, a famous acting coach who also taught one Farley’s biggest inspirations, John Belushi of the Blues Brothers.

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Farley began working in comedy at Chicago’s Second City, the same day that television host Stephen Colbert began acting.

There he discovered his inspiration to become an iconic comedian of the United States.

Chris Farley’s meteoric career in comedy

Before long, Farley was recruited to join a cast together other up-and-coming comedians such as Adam Sandler, David Spade and Chris Rock.

Farley rose to fame after her debut in Saturday night live in 1990. This is thanks to his great stage presence and his funny and embarrassing scenes, together with his characteristic style of physical and self-deprecating comedy.

After his rise to late night television fame, Farley went on to star in various comedy films, such as Ninjas of Beverly Hills, boy tommy, cones Y The world according to Wayneoften alongside fellow SNL cast members like his close friend David Spade and comedy legends like Mike Myers.

Unfortunately, as his fame grew, so did his addiction to drugs and alcohol, which would take over Farley’s life.

One of Saturday’s most emblematic sketches…, which cemented his celebrity, made many her friends and co-stars questioned whether body-shaming her over and over again on national television was detrimental to Farley’s well-being.

The sketch was called “Chippendales Audition” with Patrick Swayze. There Farley danced shirtless with the actor of Dirty dancessomething that it was a great success and also a little too decadent.

“Chipendales” was a weird sketch. I’ve always hated him,” Farley’s friend and co-star Chris Rock said. “The joke is basically: ‘We can’t hire you because you’re fat’. I mean, he’s a fat guy, and you’re going to ask him to dance shirtless… You’re going to have that laugh, but when he stops dancing you have to use it to his advantage.”

Rock went on to explain why the skit was detrimental to Farley: “A more focused Chris Farley wouldn’t have done it, but Chris wanted so badly to be liked.. It was a strange time in Chris’ life. No matter how many compliments I get, it’s one of the things that killed him… Something happened at that moment“.

The Addiction Spiral by Chris Farley

After four seasons in Saturday night live, Farley retired to pursue his acting career in Hollywood full-time. He struggled to find his place in cinema and he desperately wanted to feel loved and admired by his fans, friends and colleagues.

In a raw interview with Rolling Stone, Farley shared how she viewed her relationship with love. “I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that, other than my family’s loveshe said. “Right now, it’s something that’s out of my league. I can imagine it, and wanting it makes me sad.”

Chris Farley’s farewell in a skyscraper

Chris Farley’s death was caused by a mixture of cocaine and morphine, called “speedball”, but her close friends always believed there was more to her tragic story.

Farley died of a drug overdose in a Chicago high-rise building on December 18, 1997., with only 33 years. But the full story of the comedian’s death and his cause of death begins long before that fateful night.

Off-screen, Farley’s wild partying and unchecked excesses proved decisive.

At around 2 a.m. on December 14, 1997, Farley was seen at a club called Karma. I was in what many have called a four-day binge of drugs and alcohol.

The next night, he was seen at a party at the Second City comedy club before heading off to a pub. On the 16th, Farley reportedly dated a $300-an-hour prostitute, who later claimed the actor was more interested in getting her cocaine than anything else.

Finally, on the 18th, Farley was found dead in his Chicago apartment. He was wearing only pajama bottoms. An autopsy revealed that Farley died of a drug overdose after taking a mixture of cocaine and morphine.

The severe damage to his arteries also suggests that his addiction and poor eating habits had deteriorated his physical health.which probably contributed to his death.

“I want to live fast and die young,” the actor said in an interview. And he reaches for it.

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