Seeking stability, he has been married 53 times and makes sure his quest continues

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At least it must be said that man is persevering; And romantic. He seeks the perfect love, even if we know it doesn’t exist. But, apparently, for him yes. Y don’t give up on your search.

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The man, who is 65 and hails from Saudi Arabia, craves ’emotional stability’ so badly that he already married 53 times. However, as it turns out, it’s unfortunate.

Abu Abdullah, that’s his name, he married his first wife when he was just 20 years old. She was six years his senior, and for a while, he was all she needed.

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They had kids together and everything was fine, but then problems began to appear in their married life and the relationship went into a rut. However, neither boring nor lazy decided to remarry.

At the age of 23. Abdullah informed his wife he planned to have a second wife and become a polygamist. Something that is accepted by law in your country, as long as you’re a man, of course.

And he just married his second wife, but problems started right away. This time with their two spouses. So the man again took the shortest route and took a third wife.

And you can see he was excited because came the fourth. However, things have not improved. And he divorced his first and second wives, and then he did the same with his third and fourth, because they too had started arguing.

But love failures did not discourage him and his search for long-awaited stability continued.

As he confessed to the Arab newspaper know he has married a total of 53 women so far, with his shortest marriage being just one night.

However, he persisted none of those marriages were a joke; they were all traditional weddings.

All the man was trying to do, he pointed out, was find a woman who made him happy in his lifebut their marriages continued to fail.

Amazing that it never occurred to him that maybe, just maybe, the problem was him and not the women to whom he entrusted the responsibility of making him happy. Go find out why.

Now Abu Abdullah He said he is married to his wife number 53 and that she has no intention of getting married “never again”. Though she admitted that she’s thought the same thing every time before.

Abulllah said most of his wives were Saudis, but once he married a foreign woman on a business trip. But that relationship only lasted a few months.

The story of Abu Abdullah it went viral recently in Arabia, sparking a heated debate between those who praised him for his adventurous lifestyle and those who believe he has it all wrong.

And he has earned a nickname, that of “the polygamist of the century“.

Source: Clarin

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