They claim fearsome assassin Bible John may be living as a “respectable” old man in northern Spain

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The fearsome killerBible John” has never been identified. He killed three women between 1968 and 1969 and disappeared without a trace. Since then his life has been shrouded in mystery.

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Today, more than five decades after their murders, writer Dolores Redondo still believes “Bible John” may be among us: to her, the killer could live like a “respectable” old man. somewhere in Bilbao or Glasgow.

Redondo’s statements have to do with the promotion of his new novel, “waiting for the flood”, which follows the Scottish detective noah scott sherrington as he pursues “Bible John” to Bilbao, trusting his hunch that the criminal has fled Scotland for northern Spain.

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“For all we know, this character may still be alive. It would be something like the case of Jack ‘the Ripper’, although we can assure you that he’s dead because it’s been a long time,” said Redondo.

For her, “the uncaught killers become legends”: “There’s always a story around them that they were very smart, smart enough to escape from the police. But I think other factors may also play a role.”

Since its release, “Waiting for the Flood” has been a bestseller. Redondo is the author of the Baztán Trilogy, consisting of the novels “the invisible guardian”, “legacy in the bones“Y”Storm Offering”, all with their film version on Netflix.

Who was “John of the Bible”?

The victims of “Bible John” are Jemima McDonald32 years old, Patricia Docker25, and Elena Puttock29. The three were allegedly murdered by the criminal during an 18-month period in Glasgow after “Bible John” met them at the Barrowland Ballroom.

Despite more than 100 investigators worked on your case, the statements were taken from 50,000 witnesses and were interviewed more than 5,000 potential suspects“Bible John” was never caught.

The killer was so nicknamed because a witness revealed to the investigators that he constantly quoted the Bible.

Due to speculation that “John” fled Glasgow to Spain, the investigators following the case circulated copies of a drawing by him. It was the first time the Crown Office had authorized a composite sketch of a suspect.

This sketch has been shown to over 450 Glasgow hairdressers. In addition, all dentists in the Scottish capital were asked to review their records to see if they had a male patient with overlapping incisors and a missing tooth, two alleged characteristics of ‘Bible John’ teeth.

The investigation into the murders has cooled off over time. The officers assigned to the case believed the killer was either dead, imprisoned or committed to a mental hospital.

After the murders of the three women, no other Scottish victims have been attributed to “Bible John”.

The only witness who ever had a conversation with him died in September 2010. His name was Jean Langford and had provided police with the description used to form the suspect’s second drawing. It was the most significant clue to “Bible John’s” physical appearance.

Source: Clarin

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